Everyone has a personal brand these days. But if you want to move ahead you need to be more than the "finance guy who understands the business." Distinguish yourself as someone with a truly unique perspective respected inside and outside the organization. Here are three ways to do that:
1. Build your online presence. The internet is a perfect place to start showcasing your knowledge. Post comments on blogs, write your own posts, and connect with other bloggers to create a network.
2. Win some awards. Identify awards that matter in your industry and don't be afraid to nominate yourself, or convince colleagues to do it for you, this builds credibility and can easily distinguish you from your competition.
3. Expose well thought-of affiliations. Your associations aren't always in your control but if you have a degree from a top school or testimonials from important people, display them prominently. Credibility by proxy can be a valuable tool.
Don’t be afraid to post your opinion or state an original thought, this is the stuff that innovation is made from and new ideas that are thought ‘outside the box’ are considered provocative and cutting edge. What do you have to lose?

Author's Bio: 

Dan Rip, is a skilled business person with a broad professional background that spans over a period of 20 years with experience in creating small business and expanding into large, sustainable, award winning entities. His experience includes ownership of a large, thriving real estate brokerage, property management firm as well as a mortgage brokerage. His technical skills include in depth property analysis, real estate development, business development, strategy, marketing, management coaching, training and sales.

Dan’s MBA helped him to refine his intellectual acuity as well as create exceptional analysis skills with an ability to pay attention to important details. He has a proven track record to guide businesses through difficult market cycles. During the current mortgage and real estate melt down, Dan’s keen awareness and decision making skills have proven his ability to keep businesses solvent during the most challenging crisis’.

Dan is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as a graduate of the SoulSalt Academy where he became a certified coach (SSCC).

Dan enjoys spending his free time with his wife and four sons. They enjoy any kind of outdoor adventure. Dan also serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Wasatch Peak Academy, a K-6 charter school.
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