Have you ever been dumped? Or are you still waiting for the right man for you? Whatever your situation may be, do not jump right into any relationships just yet. Give yourself enough time to think things through and analyze what you want out of a relationship. Try to imagine a blank canvass, if you are the painter, how would you paint to bring out a masterpiece? What would you do to bring out the irresistible woman in you?

Here are 14 ways to draw out that irresistible woman masterpiece out of you.

1. Don't sought him out. Let him seek you!
Often times you don't find the man that is right for you. Go on with your life. Enjoy it, be actively involved in an organization and set goals for things you want to do. Focus more on yourself, be a successful single. Most of the time when you don't try hard to seek out something, you will find it. Love will find you if you’re busy with your life. Trust me it will!

2. Get to know men.
Try to understand men, who they are and what they want out of a relationship. You have to understand that by nature most men are not talkers. They do not discuss feelings and rarely express their emotions. They can be territorial as well as jealous. Lastly, men needs to be in charge. Try to learn to accept his friends, even the female ones.

3. Always look your best
Be proud of your body. Be fit. Get into exercise routines like joining a gym or a yoga class. Have your hair and nails done. Look and feel health for you first and others will take notice.

4. Cooking
Knowing how to cook is a big plus! If you don't know how, start learning now by taking a cooking class or buy some good cooking books. Cooking for your man is an expression of love and it shows that you appreciate him.

5. Rid yourself of Emotional Baggage.
A lot of us have been hurt in past relationships. Usually we get scared to venture back into any relationship after we got dumped. You must give yourself enough time to heal. It is important that you not bring your fears into the next relationship. The next man do not have to pay for the previous man's mistakes.

6. Spirituality
always be in tune with your spiritual side. Spend quality time with God. Set aside a specific time of the day as well as a place for prayer. You will begin to build a spiritual framework for the other aspects of your life.

7. Always be grounded emotionally.
Men like women who are stable. He doesn't like to go out and conquer the world and came home to fight a “Drama Queen”. Being a “drama queen” will put a wedge between you and your man. The relationship will soon die.

8. Don't get to the bedroom too soon.
Having sex with the man you're dating with immediately will result to a relationship that is empty and bound to die out soon. Try to get to know him first. Develop a friendship with him; one that is meaningful and worthwhile. This way, both of you will get to treasure the relationship all the more.

9. Exhibit Self Confidence
Men find women who know themselves and what they want appealing. They appreciate women who are sure of themselves and with high self-esteem.

10. Love yourself
The more you love yourself, the more easier for you to love those around you. For you to be able to fully express love to others, you must love yourself first.

11. What do you want from a man?
Truly determine what you want from a man. What will he need to make you truly fulfilled and what faults will you accept. But be realistic in your desires no man will have everything you want.

12. Be independent
A man can be proud of you if you have your own skills and abilities to show off. Other people will appreciate your independence as they see you value it. But remember, do not over do your independence to the point that you would think you don't need a man. We all do!

13. Language
Watch your language. Some men find women who curse a lot unattractive. Be watchful lest that good man will just pass you by.

14. Communicate
Communication is vital in any relationship. This will create a happy and fulfilling union. It is a key to building or breaking a relationship. Constant communication and openness can build a strong and healthy union but a lack of it can cause the relationship to break.

Try out these ways and I assure you the result will be awesome. I hope this will inspire you to take time out for you and become that master piece. For you will be noticed as that irresistible woman.

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