The Power To Choose

We tend to over complicate our lives for reasons that we may or may not actually be aware of. We may be looking for excuses to justify some behavior that is itself based on some belief. But when it all gets said and done at the end of the day, the simple truths remain. We are ultimately responsible for how we experience our own lives. One of the main elements of personal power is our ability to make choices and this enormous power is often overlooked because it is not fully understood. We don't normally think about the fact that we choose how we will perceive our environment and our fellow humans, and most of us are unaware of just how important that seemingly small concept is.

That importance lies in the fact that all of our experiences depend on how we perceive reality. All of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are based on our basic perceptions. So, if I perceive the world and the people in it from a position of paranoia, this then will dictate how I feel and behave. If I am operating from a position of confidence and positive optimism then that will determine how I interact with and experience life. When we choose to deny the reality of personal responsibility, we will take the position that we don't have any choice about our basic beliefs and so, being paranoid or being confident and positive is beyond our control. This constitutes the surrender of power and the adoption of the idea that we are helpless victims of life.

Our Internal Programming

The choices we make and why we make them will always depend on our motives and perspectives which in turn are generated from our core beliefs and mindsets and this is where things seem to get way too complicated. But there is a simplicity here that most of us miss because of the implications that it brings. Basic awareness! Yes, it is as simple as that and as difficult as that as well. Awareness is another concept that we generally take for granted and think little about, but this one is huge. And somewhere deep down inside of us we intuitively know of the power of awareness and we fear what it can show us about ourselves. Yet that is the path to the truth, and if we don't live by the truth, our lives are based on lies.

Fear is a corrosive concept that doesn't necessarily have to be based on anything real, it can exist only as an idea, the idea of fear itself. Our internal programming is made up of our core belief system which in a healthy person should always be questioned on a regular basis just as we should question every assumption we are operating from. Way too many strange versions of reality creep into our lives and contaminate every part of our makeup. Personal responsibility includes being responsible for our core beliefs and because this is true, we are capable of becoming the masters of our own lives!

Peace Happiness And Success

If perceptions determine how we experience life, and we are capable of deciding how we will perceive reality, then we can be the masters of our own lives. Life will be what it is no matter what we say or do, people will be and do what they decide to be and do no matter what we say or do. Our power lies in how we choose to interpret what life present us with and how we choose to perceive how our fellow humans behave. Many of those ancient philosophies on human behavior like love and compassion were and still are extremely powerful because of their impact and consequences. To perceive the world and our fellow humans from a perspective of love and compassion will result in what outcomes? What experiences might we expect to have by choosing such a position or perspective?

Since peace, happiness and success are states of mind based on choices that we make or don't make, and since those choices will depend on whether we can choose to find the courage to achieve higher levels of awareness that can reveal to us the extent of our enormous personal power, then whether we live a life of misery or happiness is all up to us and how we choose to perceive the phenomenon and sensations of our internal and external reality. What will you choose? Will you choose the way of power or will you choose to surrender your power to the unpredictable whims of life and the manipulations of others?

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Robert Darby is a self change and personal development specialist who writes for many organizations including The Agenda Of Life Foundation He focuses on developing personal power and development since that is usually the cause of all Human problems. Largely due to his fearless exploration of the true nature of our inner reality, R.E. Darby is emerging as an important writer of our time.