The Transformation/Ascension Process that is happening on this planet is requiring us to get bigger. We must become aware of and reintegrate parts of our selves that we have hidden. In order to step out of the illusion of polarity, for instance, we must accept our shadow parts. The end goal is to reclaim our true state as Angels/Creator/God. This process is designed to increase your awareness of your Greater Self, the Angel/Creator/God.

This exercise guides you to awareness of and eventually integration with (or the shift of the lens of consciousness to) the Greater Self.

Note: Your Greater Self works with sensory information and images, so keep your focus on what you feel, both with your physical senses and the subtle knowing sense. This is that general sense you get when you think about people who you know well. If you are not sure what this is, try thinking about several different people and notice that you have a feeling about each one that is beyond the physical descriptions or stories you share. You get a feeling about the totality of “who they are”. This is a feeling sense in it's original, uninterperated state, not yet subjected to correction or analysis with the logical mind.

If any images pop into mind, you can use them too. Don't try to figure out what the images mean, it doesn't matter and it takes you back to your logical mind.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to develop this expanded feeling sense. This is the way that your Greater Self, your God Self functions. This is the pathway from limited Human thinking to expanded God Self knowing.*

Begin by taking a series of deep, relaxing breaths.

1) Imagine the breath coming in through the top of your head and moving through your body and out your feet. As it goes through let it take all the tension, stress, thoughts and worries out of your body and into the earth. Repeat until you feel a shift in your body.

2) Imagine the breath coming up from the center of the earth, through your feet and out the top of you head. This breath enlivens all the cells in your body. It creates a fountain over your head that flows down the outside of your body, soothing and relaxing. Do several of these breaths. 

3) Now breathe in through your head and feet at the same time. These energized breaths meet at your center, combine and expand out like a bubble, filling your body and your being, and continue expanding out. Keep breathing and expanding. Imagine the cells of your body are being separated slightly as the breath flows between them. Go smaller so the breath is flowing between your molecules, then atoms, and finally your photons (particles of light). Imagine your body becoming more fluid and malleable.

4) Use your feeling senses and open to having awareness of your Greater Self. You can ask the question (silently or out loud), “What does my Greater/God/Angel Self feel like?” and wait. Stay with the senses, your logical mind can only hinder you here.

5) Continue your relaxed, conscious breaths. If you find your logical mind getting in the way (telling you that you aren’t doing it right or trying to describe in words what you are feeling) place your attention back to your physical senses and your breathing. And once again ask the question, wait and feel.

I expect that you will feel a familiarity with this part of you and that you feel fond or loving toward it. Notice how while you are feeling and so being your Greater Self, the stresses and issues of human life seem small and maybe silly.

6) Sometimes it is easier to perceive your Greater Self as a being outside of yourself. To do this, stand up and feel your Human Self. Once you get a sense of who that is, imagine that standing about three feet in front of you is your Greater Self or God Self. Feel who that is. (You could try imagining another person is standing in front of you to practice first.) Once you get a sense of how your God Self feels shift your focus back to your Human Self.

7) Now, take a small step closer to your God Self and notice how that feels. Once you get a sense of that, take another step until you are fully "in" your God Self. Spend some time here simply feeling.

8) Turn around as your God Self and observe your Human Self. What do you notice? How do you feel about your Human Self? What could you do/say/express to your Human Self to help him/her now?

9) If your Human Self were a beloved child and your God Self was the loving parent, what would you do/say/express to your child now?

10) Spend some time here, allowing for any old emotions to flow out and enjoying your selves.

11) While in this state, ask for a symbol to represent being your God Self. If might be a name, an image, a stone, a sound, a smell. Whatever pops in is good.

12) Now create a link to the normal, logical mind and the physical world. For example, you could have a phrase like mine, "I am Ahrazu" or an amethyst, or a spiral or the smell of a rose. It is best to have something "real" in the physical world. This thing is the link or reminder of this expanded state as your God Self.

13) You will probably need to structure a regular practice of accessing this state, at least several times a day. Hold the "linking object" and/or say the words and shift to feeling/being your God Self. Without this regular practice it is difficult to make the shift when under stress, when you need it most.

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Sarah Biermann is an internationally renowned Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Channel, and is the founder of ImagiCreation. Clairvoyant and highly empathic, she works directly with the language of the unconscious mind to clear and transform limiting beliefs, implants, past life material and much more. Sarah can be reached at:
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