Bed bugs are still a rising problem across the world in major cities and although we may be more aware of them than ever, can we really stop them from becoming a problem in our areas?

Well, firstly Bed bugs know no boundaries, they infest hostels, hospitals, homes, hotels and basically anywhere they can be transported to/find a host.

Treatments vary depending on whom you deal with from monitoring/use of dogs to detect Bedbugs/spray treatments/heat treatments and other less advisable methods.

There are also other issues, say for instance you had Bed bugs, would you tell your friends? Or stop visiting friends, or stop them from visiting you due to the risk of spreading bed bugs, maybe so, but then we cannot be sure that everyone would take such measures to ensure bed bugs are not spread, and that is once we are aware of them, so you see they can be spread easily, unwittingly and all this just adds to the current problems we are experiencing.

So treatment will generally consist, if done properly and by a competent professional, of at the very least 3 visits and more than likely up to 5 visits.

It would be advisable to treat the whole of any premises that signs of Bedbugs are found due to the difficulty in ensuring the bed bugs are limited to only a certain area and to ensure that treatments are successful.

Depending on the type of treatment being carried out will depend on the advice given with regards to personal clothing and materials but say for instance the spray treatment is to be carried out, which is very effective if as I say it is carried out by a competent professional then the following steps would need to be taken:
All linen, clothing, curtains and anything else that can be to be washed at high temperature and then clothing stored within and sealed bag/bags so not to re infest with bed bugs.

Beds will require stripping down and divan beds will require having the base opened up so that wooden frame can be sprayed, wardrobes will require emptying, draws removed, sofas up turned.

Bed bugs will get into the following areas:

Beds, wardrobes, furniture, sofas, plug sockets, skirting boards, books, clothing, linen, behind pictures and many more places, this is why the whole property is best to be treated, they spread and can be spread easily.

Bed bugs do not respond well to high temperatures so if you suspect you may have bed bugs turn up your heating high on the way out and leave in this condition for some hours and then inspect upon your return.

There are also other items on the market that can be used to monitors for Bed bugs, and also it would be worth taking a look online at the wealth of information regarding Bed bugs and identifying them, and their bites.

There is no quick solution to the bed bug problem on the whole, but we can all ensure we have the knowledge concerning them and do the best to protect ourselves and understand the signs of bed bugs.

Author's Bio: 

Pest control technician for 7 years.
Now running own business Essex Pest and Bird Control, providing not only a great service but an informative one also.