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The answer could surprise you.

Dr. Chris Roe places a pair of enormous fluffy earphones over the head of a blonde 20-year-old woman. He slices a ping-pong ball in half, then tapes a piece over each of her eyes. Roe turns on a red light that will not disturb the woman’s vision, and leaves the room.

After a few moments the woman smiles as images of a distant location begin to flow through her mind. She begins to describe what she is seeing to Dr. Roe. She sees a grouping of trees and a stream that’s full of boulders. Standing on one of the boulders is her friend Jack, who is smiling and waving at her.

Half a mile away her friend Jack is, indeed, standing on a boulder in the middle of a small stream. Somehow the woman has been able to see Jack in her mind's eye, even though common sense says this is totally impossible.

There is an 85% chance we all have psychic abilities, are clairvoyant, and can experience remote viewing says researcher Dr. Chris Roe, a parapsychologist at the University of Northampton. Roe is convinced that with only minimum training, we can all develop all sorts of psychic skills—everything from remote viewing to out-of-body-experiences or clairvoyance.

An increasing number of scientists agree. Professor Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prize physicist at Cambridge University says: “These experiments have been designed to rule out luck and chance. I consider the evidence for remote viewing to be pretty clear-cut.”

Is This Really Real?
In the early Seventies, the US military and the CIA funded a Stanford research project designed to track down gifted psychics and unravel the mysteries of their powers.

Scientists at Stanford University ended up hosting a dozen “psychic spies” whose paranormal skills were once demonstrated to President Jimmy Carter.

Once such person was Joe McMoneagle, who was recruited from US Army and tested at Stanford. McMoneagle spent the next 20 years gathering intelligence and tracking Russian nuclear warheads. He was eventually awarded the Legion of Merit, America's highest military non-combat medal.

In 1995, the US Congress asked two independent scientists to assess whether the millions the government spent on psychic research had produced anything of value. Professor Jessica Utts, a University of California statistician, reported that remote viewers were correct 34 per cent of the time – a figure far beyond what chance guessing would produce.

“Using the standards applied to any other area of science, you have to conclude that certain psychic phenomena, such as remote viewing, have been well established. The results are not due to chance or flaws in the experiments,” Utts concluded.

What Comes Next?

Modern science IS challenging some of our long-held assumptions. Field Theory tells us that all of life exists as a single conscious field. And renowned physicist Ervin Laszlo is calling this the “A field” -- a reference to the ancient Vedic concept of the “Akashic records,” a proposed metaphysical repository of all knowledge in the universe.

Field theory even tells us that both time and space are actually every present as “now” and “here.” Based on their experiments, these scientists are telling us that the future is actually constantly acting on the present. When an action involving intent is analyzed, there seems to be a “backward flow” from the future to the past cause, or moment of intention.

What’s next? Maybe the mysteries of so-called “psychic” capabilities need to be revisited. Perhaps we ARE all natural time travelers that can view objects through the veil of time and space, and travel out-of-body or in our naturally clairvoyant minds to influence our own past or future. Whew!

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