Before a customer buys your product/services, do you know what comes first in his mind? The answer to this is as simple as when you want to place an order. This is because, before someone buys something, there must be certain criteria about the product that match with his inner-criteria for that product/services.

The obvious question now is; what is that thing? As we go gradually, I will let you know but before I do that, I must first let you see the minds of the customers and in this way, you will be responsible to determine how the criteria of your own customers look like.

And this is one of the strategies in which smart business men around the world increase their sales overnight, right? If you managed to know how your customers think before buying, you will equally dance his dance.
Before a customer buys, this is what he does

Below are some of the factors in which before a customer buys, he/she unconscious launch in his subconscious mind. If the result from the subconscious mind appears to him as positive, he/she buys without having to hear from any third party except his belief system is later shaken or oppose it.

* Quality control: When a customer is about making a purchase, he unconsciously launches the program for quality control. He does this without anyone’s concern since he doesn’t want to end up being the loser. He under goes this process because the majority of goods found in the real world and especially online are just inferior or goods of low quality sampled by their owners as the best quality. This is no wonder why at times we order goods online and receive something else. So, before a customer buys, he tries to make sure that he gets just the best and that’s one of the reasons why you always choose to shop only at certain places and not all.
* Price control: This is what I should have mentioned first because at times, it’s price that determines whether we are going to buy or not, right? This is because when a customer wants to buy, he as well still launches the program for price control in order not to get cheated, The first thing which comes to his mind is whether the price is compatible with your product/services and this will be determined based on the outcome of his subconscious mind’s result. It’s no wonder why at times, because of price we are forced not to make certain purchases, right? And that is what a customer goes through before buying.
* Benefit control: As I said earlier, there are many things that a customer determines before buying and one of it is why he/she has to buy at your shop/store. In this case, he tries to make sure that he feels comfortable buying from you. But in most cases, what a true customer determines is what he gets as a result of buying and this is normally nothing other than what he gets from you such as discount, gifts, customer opportunities etc.
* New goods: if it’s a new goods in the market, the customer unconsciously launches the program of benefit to see how it can be of benefit to him. This is because no one would prefer to spend his money on a good/service before trying to know how it could be of benefit to him. This therefore means that, unless customers are convinced of the benefit of what you offer, it will difficult for them to buy. Because of the reason that before a customer buys, certain criteria must have run in the customer's mind, that's why when most companies or other forms of institutes go out for advertisement or public promotion, they usually try to make the general public see the advantages and benefits of their product or services before pursuing the public to buy.

Final words about the customers’ mind

As you must have seen, before a customer buys, his/her subconscious mind goes through many processes that will determine his/her decision in buying or not.

Because of the fact that before a customer buys, he goes through all these, it could be wise considering all these because by knowing the customers’ mind, you stand a better chance of increasing your sales rather than someone who never thought it.

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