In fact most silver jewellery is an alloy of silver, strengthened by other metals and is known as sterling silver. Sterling silver is hallmarked as "925".

So when purchasing and caring for your items ensure you know the type of silver you have.

In order to protect your silver be aware of this and treat it carefully. Investing in a little time and effort in your daily routines will ensure you are rewarded with pieces that look beautiful long after you have purchased them. To keep your jewellery as good as new ensure your put the jewellery on after you apply body lotions or perfumes and make sure these have had sufficient time to be absorbed into the skin. Likewise apply all hair products including hairspray before you put on your silver jewellery. Remove your jewellery at the end of the day and before any exercise. Keep your jewellery pieces separate so they do not scratch each other and put away in air tight boxes, wiping gently beforehand with a cotton cloth. The more you protect your jewellery from air and light the longer it will stay looking great.

An affordable and simple way to clean your item is to place it in aluminum pan, such as a disposable pie pan and sprinkle it with baking soda. (A glass pan can be used with a piece of aluminum covering the bottom of the pan.) Water should be heated to boiling in a stove top pan or in the microwave. Then pour the hot water over the jewelry and baking soda until the item is just covered with water. Be careful. Boiling water will burn your skin.

An alloy of 925 parts fine silver and 75 parts copper is called 925-1000 fine or what is commonly known as sterling silver. This alloy is used almost universally for jewelry and the best silverware.

Inspect the jewelry for high-quality construction, in particular fasteners and clasps. Faulty or poorly designed clasps can result in the loss of your piece. Catches should work with ease, but remain secure in most circumstances. Sterling Silver necklace should lay flat, and if the piece is plated, the plating should be appropriately thick and cover the whole piece evenly.

When wearing silver jewelry, pay attention to the chemicals that come into contact with the precious metal. Avoid perfumes, lotions, oil, rubber, and hairspray if possible to prevent tarnish. Always remove silver jewelry when using ammonia, alcohol, nail polish and bleach, as these are damaging to your silver. offers variety of fashion trend 925 sterling silver jewelry, here you can find sterling silver rings, earrings, necklace and bracelet.

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