In the world, every religion has some basic rules and teachings. Similarly, Islam is based on the Islamic articles and Islamic pillars. The articles of Islam are believed in the Allah, Angels, Holy Books, Prophets, the Day of Judgment, fate, and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the Last Messenger of Allah. Similarly, there are five pillars of Islam are given below,

• Shahadah
• Salah
• Fasting
• Zakat
• Hajj

Hajj is the last pillar of the foundation of the Islam and Muslims perform it on the religious month of Dhull Hijjah with Ramadan Umrah Package Leicester according to Sunnah. They perform the all rituals properly and they make the city of white camp in the Land of Saudi Arabia. But, the necessary thing is that what possessions must be considered before leaving Hajj. Now let us see below,

• Washing Ihram before Wearisome
• Plea before Wearing Ihram
• Making the Niyyat for Hajj
• Adjust your Wristwatch
• Ladies Precaution
• Use of Alum

Washing Ihram before Wearisome

Before wearing the Ihram, just wash it clearly because some people use the scent or perfume and we should avoid it. During the time washing avoid from the scented fabric too.

Plea before Wearing Ihram

It is Sunnah to perform the 2 Rakat prayers of Ihram before, wearing the Ihram because it is the special event and the biggest worship that you are performing.

Making Niyyat for Hajj

To make the good Niyyat for Hajj is the best thing and Allah gives the reward until you reach there. Niyyat that will be performed the all rituals properly and not commit the wrongdoings during the Hajj.

Adjust your Wristwatch

When you reached the airport of Saudi Arabia then the first thing you should that adjust your wristwatch according to Saudi timing.

Ladies Precaution

Before wearing Ihram, women must clip their nails and handle the hair because after wearing Ihram, these things are forbidden to them.

Use of Alum

During the Hajj body spray or perfume is prohibited, therefore, we should use the Alum which is useful during the sweating.

So, consider these points when you leaving the for Hajj and perform the biggest worship. May Allah help you during the journey and keep you safe and healthy.

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