Gemstones are basically pieces of stones which are cut and polished and given different shapes. These can be used as adornments and for jewellery. Besides these uses, gemstones are widely used in astrology to attract positive energy and planetary powers which helps to ward off evil planetary influences.

As we all know, Astrology is not magic, it is one of the branches of science, which needs proper calculation for correct results. Hence, the Gemstone Consultant in Delhi, prescribed by a learned astrologer, does have positive effects on the planets which support your health, wealth and thus create a better future. When gemstones come in contact with your body, they emit useful rays and thus helps you to build a happy and healthy life.

Nowadays, Gemstones are easily available in different online stores. However, before buying any gemstone, you should be well aware of the different types and benefits of gemstones.

1. Cat's Eye – Cat's Eye which is also known as Lahsunia, is used against any negative impact of Ketu. This gemstone protects a person from hidden enemies. Also it improves financial condition of a person.

2. Diamond – As we all know, diamond is a very costly gemstone and is widely used to make pieces of jewelry. Besides these, Diamond or Heera has astrological benefits too. It is used to cure certain diseases like diabetes, skin and uterine diseases. It also enhances sexual power. Always keep it in mind that Diamond should not be worn along with Ruby.

3. Ruby – Ruby is used to enhancing the power of the planet Mars and it should be worn on Tuesday with silver. It helps to build confidence and overcome property loss. It is also used to cure fatigue, muscle cramps, back pain etc.

4. Pearl – Pearl or Moti is commonly used for jewelry. Astrologically Pearl is used to enhancing memory, concentration, and fortune. It gives your mental stability and helps to keep yourself calm, thus helping you to be successful in life.

Apart from all the above-mentioned gemstones, their wide range of other gemstones as well which you can buy online. It is always advisable to take a piece of expert advice before using any kind of gemstone for astrological purpose. There are some other varieties of gemstones available online such as Agate Stone Pendants which are beautifully designed. It is believed that the wearer of this pendant will stay away and safe from any negative energy. There are Gems Bracelets and Rings which are considered to bring good luck and brings you fame.

Though you can buy gemstones online easily from any site, however, there are some trusted sites which will provide you with authentic gemstones. Before buying gemstones online, please go through the details about that site and the certifications of gemstones. Also, pricing is an important factor before choosing any site for shopping gemstones online. Always compare prices between different websites.

Last but not least, as mentioned earlier, it is always advisable to consult an expert astrologer before buying gemstones online or before using any gemstone. Gemstones should be used correctly for best results.

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