Once we reach our 20s, our skin may begin to age and sun exposure affects when dryness, age spots, and wrinkles appear. By beginning an anti aging skin care routine before skin aging sets in, we can extend the youthful appearance of skin. Incorporating anti aging skin products and practices into the daily regimen now can prevent the embarrassment of sagging, wrinkled skin later.

Sun exposure is the largest cause of premature skin aging, making sunscreen an essential product in an anti aging skin regimen. Broad-spectrum sunscreen should be applied prior to going outdoors during all times of year. Over a lifetime, exposure from even the briefest periods of heading to the car or mailbox can build up and reflect as premature skin aging, wrinkling, sun spots, and certain skin cancers.

Sleep affects our general health and it can also affect our skin health and aging. Skin is the largest body organ and scientists are discovering that “beauty sleep” is not just a myth. According to one study, people who got at least eight hours of sleep were perceived as healthier and more physically attractive. When we sleep, our entire body regenerates and renews itself. During sleep, growth hormone may be stimulated and released, resulting in cellular repair and rehydration. Sleep deprivation will be seen as well as felt.

Even the way we sleep can impact the way our skin ages, say some dermatologists. They believe that the way people sleep on their faces may determine where wrinkles occur and the results are different for different sexes. For example, male sleeping positions tend to result in wrinkles within the forehead area while women who are side sleepers tend to get laugh lines and deep wrinkles within their cheeks. Changing sleeping position can benefit the spine, back, and skin and sleeping on our backs may have the most skin benefits.

Many anti aging skin products are effective but require time to work. Users sometimes claim that an anti aging facial cream or serum does not work when this may not be true. People tend to expect immediate results and do not give these products enough time to work. Dermatologists note that it takes approximately 30 days for new layers of skin to reach the surface and it can take up to three months for collagen to be stimulated.

Diligence is also recommended because intermittent use will not yield the greatest results. Skin firming cream should be applied to clean skin each morning and evening so the skin-enhancing ingredients can do the most benefit. With regular use, products like this can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on a long-term basis.

By beginning the anti aging skin care routine at an early age that includes consistent use of the appropriate products and some healthy practices, even mature skin may look youthful. Natural products designed to combat sun damage and other environmental effects are gentle and do not require prescriptions. By selecting high quality products and giving these time to work, people can retain a youthful appearance for decades.

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