Pursuing career in animation to make a living, now, is not a rough deal as it once was. With the movies that support full-fledged animations which the audiences are in love with, the career in animation might be the right choice you make. The career laced with passion is always a right choice. As every career starts right after the SSC boards, you can begin yours with a diploma in animation in Bangalore.

Diploma in animation in Bangalore has no prerequisites. You only have to have 50% marks in your SSC boards to begin pursuing a career in animation. You will need to know the fundamentals such as drawing while the other fundamentals such as graphics, storyboarding, character motion and art design will be taught in due course. For further enhancement of your career you may learn animation computer software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects.

The curriculum for diploma courses is designed in such a manner that over a course of time students get a thorough grounding, expert training and certification in his/her desired topic of specialization such as Modeling, Animation, Visuals

The jobs in animation industry:

2D Animator, 3D Animator
Key Frame Animator, Character Animator
Image Editor
Texture Artist, Layout Artist, Lighting Artist, Storyboard Artist
Background Artist
Clean Up Artist
Rigging Artist
Rendering Artist
Digital Ink and Paint Artist
The animation industry is among the biggest industries in the world. People want to experience something that is unique and creative and with animations, you can bring to life the characters and experience your imagination.

Diploma in animation in Bangalore, VFX institute in Bangalore, the IT hub of India, will help you learn and develop skills and arts of superior quality. What are animations than the life injected into figures through software’s?

Following are some of the places where you can pursue your animation career further:

Forensic artists & animators
Motion graphic designer
Interaction designer
Civil engineering 3D designer
The viral games, movies, short animations for the blogs or the big ones for the online videos-there are endless possibilities in this career choice. And it all starts with a diploma in multimedia and animation in Bangalore.

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