Let’s talk about getting outside your comfort zone.

I have a good friend, Marshall Sylver, who says, "When you've been doing something wrong for so long, doing it the right way is actually what feels uncomfortable." And he's got a solid, rock-on, right-on point. You've got to get outside your comfort zone, because your comfort zone has gotten you where you're at.

Now, I know you wouldn't be reading this if you were extremely happy with where you're at, if you didn't want any change. That's the whole point of these articles.

So I thought this thing through really quickly and asked myself, "What is it that's involved?" Well, first there's non-awareness…you don't know that you don't know. You don't know that you need to change. You don't know that you need to grow. You don't know anything about it.

And then you go from non-awareness to awareness—well, awareness but not understanding. I very well remember my first days trying to meditate. When I was 20, 21, 22, I would read the literature, and I would try the best I could to follow the steps. I would go and get with other people who were doing it, and I wasn't getting it.

Of course, that is the perfect thing you need to do! You've got to get exposed…you've got to come to awareness and understanding. You've got to go from non-awareness to awareness through effort, which sometimes doesn't immediately bring understanding.

You've got to go through that, to a point where you come through to awareness, even though it may not be mastery, but ability. As for mastery, of course we can all concede that it could be, should be, would be the ultimate goal. But, the truth is, for a lot of us, ability—just ability—is good.

So hey, let's get going. This whole thing is about intervening in the subconscious programming—because from your subconscious, you develop your programs. You develop your world views, which develops your reactions, which develops your actions.

Subconscious programming. We want to intervene consciously, and we start where we're at. That's the simple story.

So what I wish for you is ultimate mastery…and yes, certainly more than ultimate mastery. I certainly wish competence. But what I wish for you more than anything else in the world is that you begin afresh today.

Because it starts with getting outside your comfort zone. It starts with being unsure. It starts with being exposed to these new ideas, to these new methods of making a sales call.

And then it goes on to the rewards you shall reap!

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