When you are so passionate about fishing, you will keep buying gears that is a never ending list. Professional needs a lot of gears for obvious reason but beginners don’t need to spend much at the beginning. Just the basic ones are enough to get started nicely. However, if you are beginner and wondering which items you need to hit the water, this guide is going to be very beneficial for you.

Fishing Rod & Reel

These two is the most basic one and everyone knows about it. But be careful when choosing the rod and reel. There are different types of fishing rod and reel such as spincast, spinning, baitcasting, fly fishing, ice fishing, etc.

For beginners spinning rod and reel will be the best since they are easy to control and learn.
Do not spend big buck at the beginning, go with the budget pick and get a hang on that, and then move to expensive rod and reels. Apart from the type, there are some other factors as well which matters as lot such as rod guide, handle, rod action, durability, material, reel drag, reel seat, etc. For beginners consider all these factors would be tough, so you better go with a gentle one. However, visit Fishersline.com for top-notch fishing gear recommendations. –

Fishing Line

After rod and reel comes fishing line. If you buy new reel you might get two roll of fishing line with the reel but you will need more. Purchase little extra line since fishing line often gets tangled up. And you will end up cutting them. Beginners face line tangles a lot sue to lack of experience, so they need more line.

There are different types of lines as well, monofilament, braided, etc. Line should be chosen according to the need. For example, if you are fishing in shallow water then you will want to choose a line that comes with high visibility.

If you will be fishing in rough environment condition and for heavy fishes, then you will need durable and strong fishing line so that you don’t end up losing the catch. And for clear waters you can use thin line such as braided fishing line.


And then comes the hook. It is the thing that holds the fish by poking into their mouth when they nibble. Sometimes the fish catches the hook onto their body as well. Every anglers should have plenty of hooks in their tackle bag. There are different types of hook, single, double, treble, and circle. Single hook is best for the beginners.

There are different sizes as well that needs to be chosen according to the fish size. If you are catching small fishes, then go with the small hook so that they can nibble. And for bigger fishes go with the bigger size so that it will be able to hold the weight. Learn trying knot, it is one of the most important things.


Bait is something that attracts the fish and makes them nibble on the hook. Anything that the fish like could be used as bait. There are different types of bait but most effective one is live bait. As live bait you can use Worms, Minnows, smooshed bread, marshmallows, grubs, corn, etc.


Lures are also bait, they are artificial. They mimic the look of a live bait, for example a fish. The body made flexible, so the body moves in a water which looks like a fish is swimming. However, apart from the look, smell also matters a lot which artificial baits don’t offer. And that is why they are not as effective as live bait.

Final words

There are a bunch of other gears as well which anglers can invest on but for getting started above mentioned gears would be fine. So these are basic beginner fishing gears and if there is anything else you need to know about, don’t forget to hit us up through the comment section.

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