We get advice for all sorts of things, most things really. When we buy a car or a new pair of shoes we will usually ask friend and family to share their experience. Getting advice on starting home based business can be a little more difficult with so many different business ideas and the differences that come with each. This article will focus on the commonalities apparent in most start ups and things you may want to think about before starting a home based business of your own.

The first thing that comes to mind is the reason you are starting a business or considering starting one. This sound simple, but its not, you see your reason for starting a business will continue to hold supreme importance to the success of the enterprise. The single biggest piece of advice I can give to someone about ready to become an entrepreneur is to know why your doing it.

What is a good reason to start a business?

Its a fair question and a difficult question. Lets start with some common reasons people start businesses that really are bad reasons:

Primarily to make more money.
So you can work less hours.
Because you can do it better than your boss.
Because you came into a bunch of money and have capital.

Some of these reasons seem like good reasons to start a business but if one of them is a powerful influence alone, then they are not good reasons to start a business. Many employees start businesses because they feel they could do a better job, deliver a better product or service, or just plain don't like being at work or don't like their boss. While these are frustrating, they are not the best motivators for starting a business.

One thing to keep in mind when you do anything is to look at your motivators. If a bad boss is your motivation for starting a business you will find yourself very motivated at first but as you move further away from the bothersome environment it will become less and less motivating. People who are running from something like a bad boss or low pay checks usually become unmotivated and even frustrated a while down the road.

So what are some good reasons to start a business?

There are thousands of great reasons to start a business. Being and entrepreneur can be great and it should be great. Above all the good reasons I've seen to start a business one has always stood out for me and it defines what being an entrepreneur is all about. This one reason is: In order to create a life by design.

A life by design just means you get to decide and you need to decide in the beginning what your life will be like. Business start ups have a way of developing a mind of their own, they need to be told what to do. A great piece of advice on starting a home based business is to spell out the way you want your life to be. Ask yourself questions like:

How much money would I like to earn?
How many hours will I work?
What kind of people do I want to interact with?
Do I really want to interact with people?
How much risk am I comfortable with?
Will I be able to sell the business one day?
What do I most want to accomplish by starting this business?

When we create a plan its like creating a map to follow. It is a lot easier following a map with a starting point and an ending point. The starting point is always the easy part, its coming up with a clear picture of the destination that is much more trying and much more important if your going to start a business.

Setting goals is another big deal to the success of a home based business start up. If you figure you want to earn ten thousand dollars a month go ahead and think about what that money will mean in your life. Goals are like little stops along the way to achieving our life by design. Its important to break your ultimate goal down into smaller goals so you know what your looking to accomplish this month and this week instead of 5 years down the road.

Author's Bio: 

Joe Crawford is an entrepreneur and authors a group of successful home business ideas websites. Writing mostly about business opportunities and small business ideas that can make an impact both financially and personally. If you thinking of starting a business give them a read.