When I was 14 years old I started having difficulty reading what the teacher was writing on the blackboard at school. For the first months, all I would do was half close my eyes to be able to see clearly. Then, the summer came and all was forgotten in the summer craziness. Soon, September came and with it my eye problem; more intense this time. Long story short, I got my first prescription glasses, (from zenni optical; yeah, I used a coupon as well) when I was 15. It's too hard to change your physique all of a sudden.
In the beginning I was too shy to wear my glasses publicly. I would only wear them when I had to see something afar. After only a couple of years, I convinced my parents to get me my first contact lenses, since I really hated my glasses. Besides, they were causing me a problem when I was doing sports.
It's been 15 years since I first tried to wear contacts. As a long time contact lenses user I decided to share with you some tips i learned over the years. I have been using soft contact lenses for over a decade now and i started using them as a teenager. Fifteen years ago not that much information was available online as there is today and contact lenses have evolved a lot during that time. The reasons why I decided to start using contact lenses, as most people do at that age, were purely aesthetic. When you are teenager, especially a young girl, wearing glasses makes you insecure and can really lower your self esteem.
"I could never gather up the courage to put something in my eyes". I have heard this sentence over the years multiple times from my friends who were thinking to switch from wearing glasses to using contact lenses I will not lie to you it is hard in the beginning even though you are using soft lenses. It is even harder when you are using rigid lenses. But the thing is you should not give up, especially it is harder for younger people to adapt to using contact lenses. It is a strange feeling to have something in your eye but once you get a clear vision of the world around you , you will soon forget initial discomfort. I have a good news for you, adapting period is very quick and in matter of weeks you will not feel them at all. Also you will get much more quicker in your routine of removing them and putting them in.
Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene!
I could not repeat this word more since it is the most important thing when you use contact lenses. From my experience and experience of my friends if something bad didn't happen if once you have spent the night without taking your lenses off or if you forgot to wash your hands when you were taking them off it does not mean something bad will not happen the next time. Always ,no matter if you are camping in the wild or traveling, always first wash your hands and then take your lenses off (if they are not designed for overnight use). I learned this the hard way and got a bad eye infection only because i was too lazy to take them off after the night of partying.
Using contact lenses is really easy. It will take you some time to get used to it but it will give you so many benefits; you can do sports, you can do every activity possible without any worries. So if you are in doubt, go for it!

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Shawn Ford is an accredited health professional. He writes for Quradia.com, a site related to optics and eye health, discount coupons, affiliated with Zenni.com.