A fire sprinkler system is an absolute necessity whether you use it in residential or industrial establishments. The little sprinkler which we see poking at us from an over may seem unnecessary, but when a fire breaks us, these sprinklers will save not only us but our assets as well.

How does the fire sprinkler system work?

You probably already know about what is a fire sprinkler system. But there are many misconceptions about how the system works. Today in this article, I am going to bust the myths and explain how the sprinkler system works-

• Fire sprinklers are heat activated and not smoke activated. Many people assume that smokes can make the sprinklers go off, but that is not true. Sprinkler needs to sense a certain amount of heat for it to work. The heat has to be at least above 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

• People often assume all the sprinklers go off together. If such were the case, then the damage would have been more than actual protection. The sprinkler turns on one by one, and usually, the fire is out off with just one or two sprinklers.Fire sprinkler companies are making more innovative fire sprinkler system than in the past.

• Many people assume that smoke detector can put off fire which is an absolute myth. Smoke detectors are only a part of the fire prevention system, alerting the fire department to take necessary steps. This process is lengthy and could potentially damage all your property before real help comes. But fire sprinklers, as soon as they sense the heat of the fire, start their magic and your lives and property is safe from any damage.

• When a fire breaks out, the head of a sprinkler is triggered, and then a valve attached to a water pipe is opened, causing the water to spray on the fire. This is how sprinklers put off fire without any delay.

Water sprinkler is a fantastic invention, and every building owner, whether residential or industrial, should install this system to protect their lives, people involved and property.

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