Selecting a best embroidery machine for hats from a list of hundreds of Models and brands is never an easy task. You need to keep a lot of factors in mind or else you will end up buying a machine which does not even fulfills your requirements. So, I have gathered the list of factors that will help you determine the worth of any embroidery machine. So, that your investment can be fruitful.

Factor to Consider before buying Embroidery Machine
Following are the important factors that will lead to perfect selection;
Ease of Use
The Most Important factor is ease of use. If you are a beginner and do not know how to play with sewing machine, you much consider buying a machine whose operations are simple and easy to use. However, if you are an expert than you might be able to handle every type of embroidery machine.
Never go for new brands. Always look for a brand which has been manufacturing sewing or embroidery machine for decades. Usually, the older brands provide better quality and durable products.
Machine Usage
Before buying consider you requirements for the machine and how will you use it in future. If you are looking embroidery machine for commercial purposes than the machine designed for home usage wont wont. Similarly, a machine designed specifically for monograms wont help you working on hats.
Embroidery Field Size
This feature is important is you need a machine for commercial purpose. Because industrial work requires embroidery on variety of sizes. So, make sure that the embroidery field area is large enough to fulfill your requirement. It is better to buy a machine with more area than to buy a machine with less area because you can do embroidery on any size using large area of field size.
Embroidery machine with all accessories like presser foot must be preferred. Although you can buy accessories separately, there are some models whose accessories are very difficult to find in the market. And without any proper accessories, your machine will be useless.
Embroidery Software
Most of the embroidery machines come with built-in embroidery software. So, you do not have to worry about the this feature. However, if your machine do not have a proper embroidery software, than you can easily get one from internet.
Warranty is really important, not only for embroidery machine, but for all the electronic devices. As, it secures your investment. Even though you buy machine from a trustworthy brand, there is a little chance that the machine is faulty. So, you can easily claim warranty and get a refund.
Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines
Multi-needle embroidery machines have an aggregate of 4 to 10 needles, every one of which will in general hold down its string shading. This can be very tedious. It is currently observed that a significant number of the architects have changed from single to multi-needle machines as innovation inside the style business has begun to become enormous.
Even though you keep these factors in mind, your requirements and expectations from the machine are still most important. If an embroidery machine does not meet your requirement than it is totally worthless.

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Jane Doe is a passionate sewist.