The beginning of a relationship is both wonderful and challenging.

Nothing is worth the first shivers and the first glances ... However, it is also at that moment that one must know how to be tactical.

To help you avoid a misstep and put the odds on your side to start a great story, here are 4 tips.

1. Do not get too many movies
You are only at the beginning of your relationship, this is not the time to make plans on the comet!

You are still getting to know your Jules, it is not necessarily wise to think immediately that he is the man of your life ...

Do not put all your hopes in this brand new relationship. Live the day to day, without a fuss.

If your new guy is really the one you need, you'll have plenty of time to start planning your future life for two in a few years;)

2. Do not rush things
I imagine you know a relatively masculine evil called "fear of commitment"? Even if you cannot resist your desire to shoot your movies about the future of your relationship, Jules must not realize it.

Keep a certain distance, behave as if you were taking this early idyll with lightness.

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Imagine for a second that your guy starts to drink you love messages from the first week.

Frankly, you would not be afraid? For men, it's the same. Do not show too much eagerness from the start, you risk going for a hysteric;)

3. Know what is expected of this relationship and take stock of the old ones
Do you want a serious relationship? Are you looking rather recover from a heartache? Knowing what you expect from this beginning of a relationship will allow you to better know how to behave.

A passing requires spending much less energy than a serious dating start;)

To better understand your relationship, you must also take stock of your previous ones. Identify the mistakes you made, take stock of the efforts you can make to avoid duplicating them.

Make a clean sweep of the past to build this beginning of an romantic relationship on a good foundation.

4. Be yourself
To create these solid foundations, the best thing you have is yourself. Be natural and spontaneous, do not be afraid to show who you are to your new Jules.

To be well in his relationship, you must be able to let go: the natural first!

Do not be tempted to give him some hacks to show off (who has never lied about his age?).

You would regret it if your companion and you walked a long way together.

Not easy to hide his year of birth for years!

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