This article will cover the starting subjects of Selenium, for example, – what is Selenium, what programming dialects and stages it bolsters, its points of interest and impediments contrasted with other robotization instruments.
This is an article on Selenium where you will take in the very nuts and bolts of Selenium.
What is Selenium and what does it do?
Selenium is a free and open source instrument that computerizes web programs – This is the least complex manner by which you can characterize what Selenium is and what it does. On the off chance that you have electronic applications that you test in your work area program, at that point it can be robotized by Selenium.
Is Selenium a single device?
No. Selenium isn't a single tool. It's really a suite of various apparatuses that are utilized to mechanize web programs. Contingent on your testing necessity, you can utilize at least one instrument from the Selenium Suite. Selenium Suite comprises of the accompanying devices –
1. Selenium WebDriver:
Selenium WebDriver is the most regularly utilized robotization apparatus inside Selenium instrument suite, which computerizes the web application by talking straightforwardly to the program utilizing the 'local' technique for the program and working framework.
Since Selenium WebDriver is the most well known and most utilized device in the Selenium suite, it is eluded basically as Selenium. So at whatever point somebody notices Selenium, it’s probably that they are discussing Selenium WebDriver.
2. Selenium RC:
Selenium RC or Selenium Remote Control is the main device in the Selenium device suite, which utilizes JavaScript based library to communicate with website pages. While Selenium RC was a colossal device, it had its own disadvantages. In light of its JavaScript based mechanization motor and the security confinements programs apply to JavaScript, there were parcel of limitations on what all Selenium RC could do.
Selenium RC is currently deplored and isn't effectively bolstered by the Selenium Developers.
3. Selenium IDE:
Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a Firefox module and gives a simple to-utilize interface for creating mechanized test contents. Selenium IDE has an account include, utilizing which you can record your activities on the program and afterward sends out them as a reusable content that can be later executed.
4. Selenium Grid:
Selenium Grid is an apparatus that enables you to run your experiments in parallel, that is; you can run distinctive tests in the meantime on various remote machines. This parallel execution would be particularly useful when you have countless contents to be executed.
Such a large number of Selenium apparatuses. Which ones would it be advisable for me to utilize?
All things considered, this is a vital inquiry and much of the time it’s simple to reply. A ton of times it relies on what is your particular prerequisite. The underneath focuses will enable us to touch base at this choice.
• Selenium RC isn't utilized any more. Because of a portion of the impediments that we had specified above, Selenium RC has not been a favoured apparatus for quite a while. So in the event that you are novice, it would be a smart thought to not concentrate on Selenium RC much. A considerable measure of Selenium RC highlights has in any case been joined in Selenium WebDriver, so you won’t pass up a great opportunity for these highlights.
• Selenium IDE gives a better than average record alternative, yet I have never observed it being utilized as a part of computerization systems. So from my own perspective, I would not invest much energy in it
• Selenium Grid assists with parallel execution of test contents on remote machines; however there are not very many ventures where you will really utilize Selenium Grid. I would state that it’s a decent apparatus to learn, however it’s something that isn't utilized normally
Distinctive Browsers upheld by Selenium:-
One favourable position of utilizing Selenium is the consistent help it accommodates different programs. Selenium has the help of a portion of the biggest program sellers who have taken (or are taking) strides to make Selenium a local piece of their program. The following are a portion of the programs that can be mechanized by Selenium (WebDriver) –
Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, HtmlUnit, PhantomJS.
Distinctive Operating Systems where you can utilize Selenium:-
You can utilize Selenium on the accompanying working frameworks –
• Microsoft Windows – Most forms of Windows bolster Selenium. I have by and by utilized Selenium on Windows 7 and Windows 10 and its functions admirably with no issues.
• Apple OS X – Selenium by and large backings the present stable discharge and frequently the past discharge
• Linux – Selenium takes a shot at Ubuntu and other real variations of Linux
• Diverse Programming Languages in which you can compose your Selenium Scripts
The following are the diverse programming dialects in which you can compose your Selenium Scripts. Most normally utilized ones are Java and C#, however there are others too which you can utilize –
C#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby.
Testing Frameworks that you can use with Selenium:-
The basic role of utilizing Selenium is to computerize web applications for testing reason. Despite the fact that Selenium doesn't give its very own testing system, you can utilize the structures gave by different programming dialects. Following are the trying systems bolstered by Selenium –
• JUnit and TestNG – with Java
• NUnit – with C#
• WebdriverJS, WebdriverIO, NightwatchJS – with JavaScript
• Behat + Mink – with PHP
• unittest, pyunit, py.test, robot structure – with Python
• RSpec, Test::Unit – with Ruby

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