Just like any other club, strip clubs have specific guiding principles that everyone has to respect or you will be denied the pleasures offered therein. Strip clubs are full of gorgeous women and booze. Besides, there is a total sensory overload like the thick perfume scent, half-nude ladies, flashing lights, and blaring music. It is difficult for some to control their behavior

Strip club protocols

If you plan to visit the strip clubs near Miamithen here are some rules or commandments you need to follow, to enjoy a great evening. 

No other distractions

Strippers are entertainers and their performance are divine. Their performing art has attracted you away from the world of boredom, therefore no distraction in front of them. Switch Off buzzing devices for some time. If the call is urgent, then move away from the stage and answer. 

Don’t click photos or record videos

It is illegal in the majority of states to record videos in a strip club. It is a kind of Class A misdemeanor. The performers desire to be popular in the club and not on any social sites.

No lick or kiss

The stripper does not desire to be suddenly immersed in your saliva. It is her neck and her forehead. Lap dance does not mean you are given freedom to touch her as you please. Keep your body parts to yourself and enjoy the performance.

No touching

Grabbing her body part to get a view of the tattoo is a huge mistake. The bouncer will also use his hands and legs to kick you out of the club.

Respect other dancers

You must never make a rude comment on any of the other strippers in front of the one you are interested in. She is their friend and coworker. Women are very smart, as they know that a real appreciation does not depend on the deprecation or abuse of another woman. 

Every dancer is a competitor of one another but has a good bonding with another. They believe in healthy competition!

Clapping after a dance

If you feel that you need to clap…..go ahead! Everyone welcomes a good audience. Remember, never to overdo the clapping part or else you will look like the guy beat-boxing or lip-synching at the stage. 

Buying her a drink…is it appropriate?

All the dancers don’t drink when they are working, because pole work wearing 6” stilettos is not equivalent to safe activity. However, some are unable to react spontaneously on the beats until they had one glass of tequila. You can offer, but if declined just tip her for her time [talking to you]. 

Standard tipping rules

Touching and tipping vary from one strip club to another. Ask the staff or check their websites for rules of conduct. 

In some club, customers are forbidden to tip, while she is on stage but after the dance is completed you can give her the cash tip as they walk around. The cash is stuffed in her undies or top. In a few clubs touching is a no-no but tipping on the stage is encouraged or mandatory. It is confusing, so never hesitate to ask! 

You can even tip the cocktail waitress or the door guy or the DJ. Everyone appreciates being tipped!

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