Being a good blogger involves many acquired skills and chief amongst them is being able to write a blog post your readers will enjoy! Our focus here today however is going to be more on certain attributes you are going to need if your serious about getting involved in the business of blogging! Remember your blogs development will take time and the feedback you get will NOT always be what you want to hear so you'll need to be prepared for the journey ahead!

Here are 3 attributes you'll need during the course of your blogs development and even further on into the future if you intend to be successful!


The principle behind the business of blogging is to first attract readers and then over time gain their loyalty! Since time is involved in developing a loyal following it stands to reason that your blogs development will require both patience and persistence on your part! This is especially true in the early stages since it will often seem that when you do write a blog post there will be nobody to read it! This is quite natural because you are still trying to build up the awareness of your platform and therefore your traffic will be weak! Keep the faith , be patient, stay persistent and keep writing!

Thick Skin

Comments are a very important part of your blogs development since visitor participation like this is used as social proof by many new visitors! The fact is that some people read comments before they read the content and some that are left may NOT be complimentary towards your efforts! So what! You must never take any remarks left at your blog personal whether they are good or bad! Some people simply make a practice out of leaving inflammatory comments even without reading what has been posted! It is up to you as the site administrator to determine if the comments that are left are useful or constructive, if not then place them in the spam folder and move on! On the other hand you may write a blog post that somebody takes a legitimate exception to and that's all right since everybody has got an opinion! One last note here is to remember the more comments left at your site the more active it appears to new visitors which will encourage them to stay and look around!


The topic you select is the key to the people you attract and this does not happen overnight! It is therefore VITAL that your focus remains 'on target' and your blog content maintains relevance to your chosen topic! Failure to do so could easily result in the mass exodus of many 'former' loyal readers! Remember by changing topics after launching your site is much like starting over! The business of blogging is all about building a loyal following but without maintaining relevancy in what you post building loyalty will be very difficult!

Learning to be a good blogger means developing certain skills such as being able to write a blog post your target audience will enjoy! However there are many 'minor' obstacles you will encounter along the way during the course of your blogs development that will test you as a person! These obstacles are actually quite normal and will 'test' anyone involved in the business of blogging! Our discussion above focuses on 3 specific attributes you will need , especially during your blogs development, if being successful is your goal! The key to your success will ultimately be found in your ability to not take things personal and your willingness to persevere until you've established a loyal following! The point here is the business of blogging is NOT something that 'produces' instant gratification but if you stick with it, you will be glad you did!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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