When you find yourself in an environment which supports and nurtures your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, you know without doubt, you're in a fantastic place

Are you a leader in your own life? Do you eagerly embrace the challenges or are you reluctant to accept responsibility? Do you approach your duties with dedication, compassion and commitment?
We are all Leaders whether or not we know it. It means we quietly go about assisting others to be the best they can.
Each of us has the power and passion to lead, support, assist and encourage. We must believe this if we’re to progress in our lives; to grow and evolve. We have to embrace the power we possess to be extraordinary; to contribute; to enrich the lives of others and to fulfill our own destinies. Once we believe it without reservation, we also add immeasurable value to our lives and our futures.
A Conscience-based Leadership approach soon becomes a habit and something we automatically transmit that powerful, life-affirming energy to others through our positive and upbeat attitude. We become mentors as others emulate our enriching credo.
There is balance when we find synergy and harmony between the home and the workplace: It leads us on a path to happiness.
For true Conscience-based (Ethical) Leadership principles, consider the following aspects:
1. Harmony in one area will lead to harmony in all areas
- A work/life balance is necessary
- It breathes life into everything we do
- Set the mood and others will imitate your behavior
2. A respectful approach to business leads to balance
- A positive way of life
- Touches everyone with whom you interact
- It becomes a way of living
3. Always hold families close to the heart
- They give us strength and courage to face challenges
- They shield us from the negativity which intrudes into our lives
- The love for family ultimately enriches the community
4. Show respect for people and situations
- It draws others to you
- It nourishes your life and the lives of those you embrace
- It identifies you (and your business) in a very positive light
5. Believe in your capacity to be a successful great Leader
- The world opens to you
- You give off an aura of approach-ability
- You become like a beacon for other people and organizations

Being a Conscience-based Leader means infusing all aspects of positive living into every component of your life. It’s not an old coat you can put on and take off whenever you want: Rather, it becomes a key aspect of your life: A fundamental behavior which soon becomes a habit and a subsequent way of life. Conscience-based Leadership is what you live and breathe: It becomes a gift you freely share with others.
When you embrace a Conscience-based Leadership role, your confidence is boosted immensely. You gain a much deeper understanding of your own inherent values as your feelings of self-worth are greatly enhanced.
It’s not what other people think about you which will enrich and inspire you. Only when you love, respect, understand and appreciate yourself for who you are – without reservation and in spite of what others might say about you – you’ll realize there is no end to what you can achieve with your life.
The control others might exert on your existence ceases to have any impact on you. Your future now becomes unlimited.
Take the action today and step into a Conscience-based Leadership role. Become an extraordinary force for good in the global community.
Imagine the possibilities ……

Author's Bio: 

Kieran Revell is a Conscience-based (Ethical) Leadership Consultant and Speaker: A Coach, Mentor and Author.

Kieran empowers large organizations, small/medium enterprises (SMEs), non-profits and individuals through his unique programs and initiatives. They are designed to improve workplace harmony, elevate confidence, re-ignite enthusiasm, empowering individuals to be the very best they can.

The results can have an extraordinary, life-changing, snowball effect across the family unit and the wider global community.