There are so many benefits children get from Stay At Home Moms vs Working Moms, I don't think I can list them all. Feelings are strong on both sides, strong enough to cause women to raise their voices in heated disagreement about what is "the right thing to do" to raise healthy, happy children.

But my main question is this: Why do we have to choose?

Why can't we have all the benefits of being a stay at home mom along with the benefits and confidence that a working mother has? So I am going to share with you some pluses of having both, because being a Mompreneur you can have both.

There is research that shows that early relationship bonding between infant and preschoolers is the foundation to all personality development, that being away from your child for more than a few hours a day at that age is damaging.

The decision to stay at home to raise your children, or to go out to work, isn't just a dollars and cents proposition. In a survey by the human resources firm Adecco, 48 percent of mothers said they wished that they could spend more time with their children

It's all reported that mom's that stay at home are more likely to take part in organized sports, school projects, and other events that if they went to work may not be able too. It's even been reported that they were usually healthier because moms had more time to cook healthier foods vs picking up fast food for convenience.

But, being a Mompreneur is more than just being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) . . .I think one of the best parts for me, being a Mompreneur, is that not only do we get to do things maybe if I wasn't working from home, we wouldn't be able to afford. I enjoy the special bonding that takes place and best of all, it's my business - I set my schedule. For the most part, I get to do fun things with my kids and I work in between. With my iphone I am able to work from the skating rink or park if I wish and not feel guilty about being away from my desk, I love it!

Te reassurance that comes with knowing that my kids are receiving all the love and attention they need as well as knowing that they aren't missing out on anything is a huge benefit.

Now, on the flip side, there have been studies showing that SAHM can get depressed because they just do feel like just the "dirty diaper changers". I think that is where being a Mompreneur comes into play. You are contributing to the household and the over all good of your family while still following your personal passion. I think it is important to always have your own identity outside of being a mom and a wife and this works for me.

It's important to be fulfilled, happy and empowered so that you can be a good mother, a good wife and be able to give to others. I urge all women to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Being a momprenur from home enables me to do just that and you can too!

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Brandy, Creating Success Where it Counts

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