There is a common misconception among us. Almost all of us believe that what makes a woman irresistible is the way she looks. But, the belief that the thin, tall and smart and a lot of other misconceptions that society demands us to believe are all lies. We have witnessed countless women who are equipped with attributes of being perfect in this regard but are a total failure in their relationships. Why is that? Well, they simply are not irresistible enough to the opposite sex as we thought they would be.

So, what would make a woman irresistible? Let us put aside all our misconceptions. You don't have to be a supermodel to be irresistible. All you need to understand is that it is all a game and there are rules. Here are some tips you can use to be an irresistible woman:

1. Appreciate your femininity
There are characteristics that make us feminine and they cannot be replaced. You don't have to stay in the kitchen and do domestic chores to be feminine. Neither do you need all those expensive shoes, clothes and jewelries to be one. Remember that, as women, we are softer and curvier. Its okay to be with the boys and do things that they do but let us not forget our basic female roles. Let men be men. They like to be needed, so let them be. That way, you can be irresistible.

2. Work on your intentions
It all depends on what your real intentions are. For example, you want to win a man over. Well, all you need to do is find out what he is looking for a woman, learn it and go for it! If he's adventurous, he most likely want that from a woman. In that case, few sky diving lessons wouldn't hurt. Men are by nature turned on visually so dress the part and spare no expense. Most importantly, they need intellectual partners; it pays to work on your emotional quotient as well as being book smart. Not only will you win your man but you will definitely like yourself.

3. Confidence
Being confident is attractive. You don't need to be dominant, just accept yourself in all your good and not so good attributes. Be comfortable in your own skin. What's holding you from being blissful at being you? There is something totally irresistible about being happy with who you are and visual aspects aside, you will turn out to an unintentional magnet just because you are not afraid of embracing who you were born to be.

4. Show off what you have
Every woman who desires to be irresistible should work on this. All of us have talents or some particular physical appendage we are most proud of. So, why not show it off? If your legs are awesome, then flaunt it! If your a great cook, don't be afraid to blow your horn. Not only will it boost your self confidence, you will draw some measure of admiration from the opposite sex. But never exaggerate!

5. Know your power
Yes, we have power. We can use it wherever we may be, whether in the bedroom or the boardroom. We only have to choose. We are given the right to govern our own mind, body and soul.

Being irresistible demands a sincerity to yourself so that you can be all that you wanted to be, all that you were created to be.

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