Do you sometimes wonder “who you are”? Feel like you are part of someone’s shadow?
You wake up one day and look in the mirror and you not quite sure who you see in there. As we go through our lives sometimes we allow ourselves to be overshadowed or feel like we give so much of ourselves away , our energy out that we feel that there’s nothing left. Do you wake up in the morning Full of energy ready to start your day or do you wake up and even though you are awake your eyes are closed, you fumble for your slippers and your robe…..and saying to yourself…”I need my coffee” ….i can’t start my day without my coffee..

Are you in charge of your life or just going through the motions? Do you plan your day around what it is that you want to accomplish or do you let you day be decided by everyone else’s agenda? If you are in a career and go off to work or work from home or a stay at home mom taking care of the kids, which is really more than a full time career are you happy with yourself and what you are creating and accomplishing?

Now, let’s talk about the Law of Cause and Effect and being totally empowered(C>E). Many people go through their lives living at the effect of others and not driving their own bus but letting their bus be driven and they are just a passenger in their life. Does this sound familiar? Living at the effect side of the equation, you have many reasons and excuses for not having what you want, i.e “he/she did that to me, it’s because of them….so many reasons and excuses for not having what you want. When you do this you give your power away. Do you really want to be giving you power away to others??? Or would you rather be totally EMPOWERED????......When you are empowered, you accept responsibility for everything that happens in your life and your world. You stop trying to shift the blame for what goes on or wrong in your life and accept responsibility for creating your life. You create your life by what you think about. THAT’S RIGHT…..your thoughts you have today create your tomorrow!! you are sitting there trying to figure out what you have been thinking about. You’re not alone. Most people spend their days not aware of their thoughts. Now, think about this thought…when you are not in control of your thoughts, then you’re not driving your bus!’s like getting into your car without a destination….where do you get to? Drive around in circles and you get NOWHERE!!!! Picture a computer, most of us use them today….now your conscious mind is the place that you do your thinking…this is your computer programmer…..your unconscious mind, is your computer. Now, all day you are thinking about things and whatever your are thinking about you are programming into your computer. It’s really important to become aware of your thoughts.

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