Being in winning mindset is a quality of highly successful people and it is required to be happy always irrespective of the external environment. Being in winning mindset is fundamental for learning all experiences and achieving success in life.This is something making the ground clean and fertile, so that any new seeds can be planted and fruitful results can be attained.But in reality, there are some hindrances to being in winning mindset always. First, let us aware of winning mindset now and then address the obstacles.
Winning Mindset comprises four basic qualities such as feeling gifted and expressing gratitude, taking personal responsibility for all our actions, doing hard things for long term benefits even there are no external compulsion, i.e. Being self discipline, Thinking and feeling good about self,i.e. High self image. Cultivating those qualities within requires time and patience if not groomed with those qualities from childhood.

Let us look each component of being in winning mindset

Feeling gifted and expressing gratitude:

One of the most important feeling we must have is “feeling gifted for the blessings we have in life”. Right from our birth till now, Nature, known people like our parents, friends, Teachers, colleagues, spouse, children are helping, guiding, supporting us to lead a beautiful life. Even unknown people are supporting us indirectly to live a comfortable life. We are blessed to have those supports in our life. Most of the time, we crib with the problems rather than counting on our blessings. Be aware of the blessings, feel gifted and express the gratitude and you get all the resources to manage your Problems.

When you develop the attitude of gratitude, you will get the following benefits viz being humble, inspire to give more to others and you are open yourself to attract the abundance.

Taking Personal Responsibility for all actions:

This can be defined as the ability to respond to any situations or events happen to us. One of the most important and prerequisite for success in life is taking personal responsibility. For any of our action, we need to face the consequence which is either GOOD or BAD. We have a choice to accept the consequence or refuse the consequence. If we accept the consequence, we take control of the situation even if the consequence is bad and we tend to find the options to overcome the situation. If we refuse to face the consequence, we tend to blame others or situation. The moment we start complaining, we get into victimized mindset and the problem remains same or even becomes worst. Hence Personal responsibility is our ability to choose a choice for the consequence. Taking Personal responsibility of your life events is the first step towards achieving success.

Doing hard things for long term benefits :

We have some misconception about self discipline. From our childhood, we have been taught the importance of self discipline and shown some indicators of self discipline as personal hygiene, being punctual and obeying to elders. Of course this is self discipline, but low order of self mastery. We are conditioned to follow low order self mastery just to meet the elder’s or society compulsion whether we like it or not.
The higher order of self mastery is within the area of your influence or freedom, your ability to make yourself do, what you should do, when you should do whether you like it or not. For example, doing exercise is not compulsive from others, but knowing the importance of consistent exercises and even though you have the liberty to forego, if you do it regularly, it is self mastery.
Similarly, any activity under your influence, even though you do not like to do and if you do for the long term benefits, it is self mastery. Having fairly achieved low levels of self mastery, let us develop the habit of practicing high order of self mastery for long term success

Thinking and feeling good about self :

Self Image is nothing but what you think and feel ourselves. This inner thinking and feeling is very much important as this will reflect externally. This will determine your behavior and action. For example, if you think and feel internally as Leader, your behavior and action is also in line with leadership qualities or at least towards leadership qualities. Alternatively, if you think and feel yourself as a lazy person, your action and behavior also demonstrate your thinking and feeling. Hence the imagination about yourself is an important basic mindset towards winning. Your identify about yourself determines your action.
Hence be aware of winning mindset, take steps to be in winning mindset always irrespective of the external environments and you attract good things in Life..!!

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Ganesh babu is founder and CEO of Winning Minds Solutions, a consulting and performance coaching firm.He is focussing more on business transformation of small , medium scale organisations as well as start ups.After serving in many organisation at senior leadership level, with passion towards helping Individual and organisation to reach NEXT LEVEL GROWTH, he started his own firm in 2012.He strongly believes that with given potential,right strategy, winning mindset and action, next level growth is possible.As he is adopting multiple management methodologies, tools , techniques coupled with his people centric leadership style enables him to bring positive impact on any individual and organisation.
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