I would say that everyone has their own ‘lazy times’ in life. Well you know those times where you're unproductive and just don't want to move. Well today is one of those days for me. I spent approximately 24 hours doing (by doing I mean in actions) nothing productive, neither did I do anything related to my goals.

That itself, being productive, is being avoided at this very moment. Now this procrastination itself is the essence of this article. Let me just say that the fact that I am writing this piece is because I am too lazy to do all my other pending tasks. (I have to be honest though…) It's 1:32 a.m. and I am composing this piece under a blanket so that I don't disturb my mom. Only now, I get the fact and importance of why you need to reprogram your Subconscious Mind (www.ascendancepro.com) to cater for the sole purpose of achieving one's goals; but it is really tough.

These few days have been really hard for me as I keep on losing things and am going through certain circumstances in life. Yeah, it does sound like every teenage boys life problem but hey, let's look at it from a different aspect.

If you look at the SIEP manner of thinking, (for those of you who don't know what S.I.E.P is, check out this other article http://ascendancepro.tumblr.com/post/124984826916/patience-and-persistence) whatever happens is caused by you and there is an important lesson to learn from it. I also do realize that change begins with small steps. So what did I do?

Firstly, I took a deep breath. Then I (or at least tried for a while) to repeat my goals. As my tasks take a long time to finish, I chose a small and easy one to embark on, hence this article was formed. And I made it a point to at least get one thing related to my goals done in a day. And that is how you slowly quit becoming lazy.
Am I not lazy and all out responsible all the time? NO!!! And don't believe it if anyone tells you that. However, there is a 1 or 2% decrease in my laziness. I guess that is how you do it.

This will take time but don't give up. It is your will and love for your goals that can push you forward towards achieving goals. Take loads of deep breaths, repeat your goals, try to get a few things done in a day and you'll (more like I'll) make it too!!!
Kudos to all the lazy ones out there, you can do it as well!

~ Sanadt Kumar

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