We are all here living on this tiny little miniscule emanation of life’s creation, our BEautiFull Earth School, TOGETHER.
We are ALL affected by one another, whether intimately or remotely, each of WE vibrates energies out into the atmosphere affecting ALL.

On a more physical level of the microcosmic, we can see how AWEsomely our affect can BE when simply going for a walk down the street.

You pass sooo many people when walking down the street.

Many will not even acknowledge your presence, and thus keep their Affecting energy to as basal a minimum as possible.
Then we meet a few along the way that look up into our face and SMILE!!


How elating!!

Just that little gesture….how uplifting, and what an exponentially positive Affect!
Of course, once in a while you’ll get somebody having a horrible day and pass them on your way and boof, pow, wham, “Get out of my way!!!” negativities are spewed our way.

The fabulous thing is, we ALLways have the CHOICE as to how we shall take in the energies we receive from the outside……whether we laugh it off or embrace it, pass it on or keep it for our selves.

We ALSO have the AWEsome choice of BEing the GIVEr as well as, HOW we CHOOSE to be such, and the AWEsomeness of Affect we can bring unto ALL members of our Universal Family, and in such EASE!!!!

As ya know, that which you give, you receive, 100000 fold!!!

It’s in our cellular make up actually!!
Our cells are comprised of three main particles, the basis of ANY energy molecule, protons, electrons and neutrons. Protons are the positively charged particles whilst electrons the negatively charged.

Protons are 1836 times as heavy as electrons, or 1836 times more POWERFULL in their electrical emanations!!

Talk about freaky huh?? And you thought that 100000 fold statement was just a cliché!!
Freaky, but TRUE!!

Just like the smiley guy or gal we passed on our walk earlier, whom lightened our day, whose light we took with us, when we went to see the dentist. So happy were we upon entering the office, we uplifted ALL the patients, dental hygenists, receptionist, and even our Dentist, as a result!!!

Whoo hooooo talk ‘bout exponential!!!

And how EASY was that?

Sure we could’ve passed the other being, having a horrible day, taken on their negativity and walked into the dentist’s office feel’in and emanating their yuckiness, if we so CHOSE…..
…..but think about the energy involved in the emanations of negativity pervading this being’s experience and compare them to your SMILEy friend.

How much heavier is the negative BEing’s experience? How much energy does it DRAIN FROM one’s BEing to embody such negativity???

Now think about our friend, “SMILEy”…how uplifting a feeling, how light & breezy they left us, FILLING our entire BEingness with Energy.

See the difference??

It takes soooo much more OUT of us to embody negativity and fills soooo much more WITHIN us, when embodying positivity!!
Each, positive and negative energy, is easy enough to “pass along”, affect another with, on the surface, but when we look a little deeper what we come to find is how much easier, TRUEly positive energies are, not only to feel within, but to affect others with as well. Granted, as with ALL things, whether or not one is Affected is of their choosing Thank GOODness!!

LOVE is the intrinsic natural state of our BEingness, it only makes sense that this would be the easier, more fulfilling of the two emotional perspectives by which we may communicate and affect others, n’est ce pas?

It is WHOM we ARE.

Now think about this, how good does positive thinking, being, feeling, make you think, ACT & Feel about YOUr SELF?
It resonates such a high of magnificence within one’s being, that it propels us to DO MORE, BE MORE, GIVE MORE of that which is positive unto ALL.

It is a state of BEingness, of our CHOOSing, which has exponential emotive affect.

Negative thinking on the other hand is soooo heavy, all ya wanna do is close all your doors and blinds, climb into bed and hide under your covers.
Not too very productive, let alone fun, exhilarating, or inspiring a place to BE.

With positivity BEing so magnanimous in its BEingness, not to mention how fantabulously EASY it is, imagine if instead of simple polite mannerisms being taught in our schools, we were teaching our children to actually uplift one another positively? Imagine teaching our children by BEing the example our SELVes, walking down the street and smiling at all whom we meet, perhaps even the small gesture of a verbal greeting, such as “Hi!”. Ooohhh the possibilities just make me shiver with excitement!!!

And the effects of BEing Nice, BEing positive don’t just stop at uplifting another, remember that little fact I mentioned way back {hee hee} about our protons and electrons…..Well, as it turns out, positive thinking actually DOes HEAL, and not just the mental/emotional bodies but the physical one too!!!

I’m sure you’ve heard countless stories YOUr SELF about miraculous healings from deadly or chronic diseases and illnesses, people claiming that they healed themselves through positive thinking…well, check out:

Dr. Matthias Rath Health Foundation

Dr. Matthias Rath is a doctor, scientist and researcher who has dedicated his life to revealing TRUTHs about the medical & pharmaceutical professions, that have otherwise been kept on the “low down/hush hush” from the majority of WE.

Hey listen, business is business EVEN if it is about our health and longevity…..and let me tell you, there ain’t no business as profitable or, unfortunately, as manipulative as that of the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Okay, Okay, maybe government, big corporations and the international banking groups share the limelight of that stage.

Dr. Matthias Rath is Definitely WORTH the journey and if you’re really feel’in adventurous, check out some of his books on
Amazon, as well as other Great resources of TRUTH available here…..to start ya off


For more inspirational reading on the subject matter, peruse over to intent.com, a supersensational site I highly recommend by the way, founded by Deepack Chopra’s daughter, and check out Caroline Sutherland’s blog post: Emotions And The Immune System

As we ALL KNOW, everyone prefers to feel HAPPY rather than sad, rather than angry or fearfull, it’s just one of those things, like soooooo many we ALL share in common with one another.

It is our natural state of homeostasis, BEingness, it is LOVE, it is Each and Every ONE of WE, in our intrinstic state, protons, neutrons, electrons, smiles and ALL!!

Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels!
We are ALL blessed the BEauty of YOUr BEingness!!
Radiate Soul Light/roni Lipstein
Ontological Literary Artist & WHOLE-BEingness EnLIGHTenment Guide Light

***Roni’s Personal Legend is to offer the blessing of her enlightened gifts to ALL members of Our Universal Family. In addition to writing several blogs, guiding several online communities, playshops, and fitness & nutrition programs, Roni makes herself available to YOU, for Individual WHOLE-istic EnLIGHTenment Guidance, that YOU TOO may live life as intended to BE, in PeaceFull LOVing Serenity, Happy & Free to Fulfill YOUr Destiny!!
YOU can get in touch with Roni directly NOW at roni [at] 1isall [dot] com, and BEgin YOUr journey to Fulfill YOUr Destiny!!***

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“Visionary Artiste of LOVE,
WHOLE-istic enLIGHTenment GuideLIGHT
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Ontological Literary Artist & Philosopher
of /for/though the BEINGness of
LOVE's Light
for the
BEnefit of ALL.

Roni has been Gifted the Personal Legend of BEing the reflection of radiating LOVE's Light that IS each of WE.
She exists here upon our Earth School to uplift, assist and enLIGHTEn ALL to the Miraculous Magnificence of our BEautiFull BEingness.

“I am here, upon our Earth School, to vibrate harmonies of LOVE's Light, equality, peace, unity, positivity, and the TRUTH of WE. I provide a gentle guiding light along YOUr Pathway to Discover SELF TRUE, LOVE SELF and thus BE, the Best “I” in “ME” YOU LOVE YOUr SELF to BE, in Every NOW, ALLways!

Blessedly BE the TRUTH of WE
Earth Angels Divine
within the Embracing Light of PeaceFull LOVing Serenity, &
one Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party'in Journey