Life is not about making plans or deciding how your future will be. The life we live is about right now, today, and no other time. When we let go of our ideas for our future, when we shed our predetermined goals and open ourselves up to now, we can start to live the life we are meant to and not the life we decided we should have. For when we are open, life starts being what it is supposed to be for us. When we schedule and plan extensively into the future, we do not let life happens as it should. It is the difference between controlling one’s life and that of letting life become part of you and you a part of it.

It can be stressful planning your life and trying to live up to your ideas. It can be overwhelming trying to manage and control all the ideas, plans, and schedules you have to keep in order to accomplish the life you want. Why not let life move as it should, without controlling it in any way? By letting life unfold around you, you let it become what it should be and you are no longer in the way of its progress or yours. You can live the idea of your life, the one you choose, or you can let go and let life come to you. When you are open, things begin to happen and fall into place more easily because you are not fighting or resisting what is happening. For without plans or ideas, whatever comes to you is okay because you are open and clear enough to accept whatever is. When we are this open, life takes on a new meaning; we see our life differently, and we move differently through our life. When we let go of our plans, often the struggle we feel in life goes away as well.

Planning your life and controlling it conflicts with how our lives change. We cannot always foretell what will be, what we will be like, or what will happen. By deciding how our lives must be, by controlling our future, we inhibit our own progress and movement. We create struggle out of nothing because our ideas do not always fit into what happens or goes on around us. We cannot control the changes that overtake us or that occur in our life. When we let go of how we think we must be, how our future must turn out, we also let go of struggling against our future. We are open to accepting the present because we have no need to control it. We are not trying to control now so that the future happens in a way we want it to. This doesn’t mean you can’t have desires, ideas, or thoughts about your future. What it means is one should not conform or constrict oneself or the present into those ideas. It means letting what happens be okay; it is accepting the moment, yourself, and the world around you. Life is not about planning your future, but about living right now.

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