It is a very hard time when someone you know has passed away, especially if you were close to them. Nothing can make up for or change the pain of loss, but sending funeral flowers NJ is a sensitive way to let those closest to the deceased know you are thinking of them. Sympathy flowers are something sent all around the world in many cultures and religions. But not all of them, and there are some things to think about to ensure you follow the etiquette correctly.

Think about the type of flower and color

There are no absolute rules when it comes to the type of flowers you choose and the colors, but some thought should go into what you send, and if you have no idea at all follow the guidance of your florist. Most flowers are fine though if you know what the deceased's favorite flowers were that would be a nice gesture. Some flowers have more appropriate meaning when you are trying to express sympathy though again that changes from one culture to another. For example, in Japan, white flowers are the only appropriate color. If the family is religious it would be a good idea to check online or check with the florist to make sure you choose well.

Think about the type of arrangement

There are several types of arrangements when it comes to funeral and sympathy flowers. You need to make sure you have chosen an appropriate arrangement for your flowers. For sprays that will go on or in the casket then you need to look for casket flowers Toms River. If you were close to the deceased something larger like a wreath is appropriate. If you are sending sympathy flowers to the family then a vase or bouquet arrangement is more appropriate.

Include a card

When you are sending an arrangement a message or card with the flowers is appropriate. You do not have to make it a very wordy message it is best to keep it brief but genuine. Express your sadness and sympathy at this time for the family.

Where to send them

Depending on the type of funeral flowers NJ, you are sending, depends on where the flowers should be sent. Sympathy flowers, for example, should be sent to the home of those who were closest to the deceased but there are some cultures where this is a bad omen so consider the culture of the family. You can also send funeral flowers straight to the funeral home or crematorium. How close you were to the person who has passed also plays a part in where you send them.

When to send them

Sending the flowers at the right time is important so that they are appropriate. Casket flowers Toms River should be sent to the funeral home coming up to the day of the service but not on it, so that all the flowers can be placed correctly beforehand.

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