Many people think that being too skinny or zero figure means being healthy or fit. But it is not true, in fact, being skinny is not any better from being overweight. Both these health conditions have serious health hazards. Skinny may look good but is coupled with various problems such as low muscle mass, osteoporosis, week immune systems, anemia, and hair loss. Many people want to lose weight even though they are not very fat, for that they opt for weight-loss pills and shakes, they starve themselves to look slimmer. People don't believe in diversity of body shapes anymore and want to be in shapes portrayed in media. Since everybody wants to be thin, he or she follows unhealthy and unrealistic weight-loss goals. Weight is not the only measure to analyze fitness, your fitness is based on measures such as metabolism, physical appearance, body structure etc. "Weight need not be same for everyone, it is not a one-size fit all concept" as according the top fashion designers in India.

To determine the normal body weight, check your BMI (body mass index). The value of BMI gives you a fair idea about your healthy body weight. If your BMI number is less than 18.5, then you are underweight; if it’s between 18.5 and 24.9, then you fall under the normal body weight group; if your BMI number is more than 25.0, then you are overweight and if BMI crosses 30.0, that signals the danger. So, check your BMI regularly, and manage your weight accordingly and don't try to be super skinny as this can eventually result in the dip of your BMI number.

According to research, being skinny is not good for your health because overweight people have a lower risk of dying than compared to individuals with normal weight or especially too skinny ones. The common perception that being skinny is healthy is completely wrong, people’s health and weight or not related, healthy people can be of any size or shape. It is okay being a little overweight, what’s crucial is to stay healthy and happy.

Health is all about feeling good about yourself. Your ability to live and function happily without any disease hindering your day to day life is called being healthy.

the healthy weight is the synonym for being healthy, you should not be too over or underweight. To achieve a healthy weight, maintain a constant calorie intake. Don’t skip meals just to be skinny. Skipping meals is not a good practice for your body. It needs the energy to function and cutting back on meals will lower your energy level. Try to maintain optimal health.

Eat nutrient-rich meals which will give you sufficient calories to meet your physiological requirements. On an average, a woman should consume between 1500-2000 calories per day. Deduct 500 calories per day from your total calorie intake, if you want to lose weight. You should never consume less than 1200 calories per day as weight loss should be gradual, not a sudden surprise to your body. Chart out an easy exercise schedule as it is a major component of health. If you want to have a healthy weight, exercise daily. consistent workout regime will promote healthy body weight and restricts any excess weight gain.

The trending topic of being overweight has garnered so high attention and huge importance given to skinniness has successfully covered up the disadvantages of being underweight. People can be underweight due to eating disorders, unhealthy habits or smoking. The other reason is the inability to put on any weight. Being underweight has its own set of health issues to worry about.

Heart problems and diabetes are not only the problems of the overweight, but lean people are equally facing the serious issue People can be thin yet unhealthy, thin people do not have a fear of putting on weight so they are quite regular consumers of fast food, they follow no strict exercise regime and think they can get away with it. But blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol do not depend only on your weight. Skinny people are in a false belief that they are healthy, so regular health check-ups are not their thing.

If you are very thin, then you may have got it from your genetics. According to some studies, the genes which are responsible for the weight gain must have placed fat very deep within the body. This fat might be around the heart or the liver instead of below the skin. And fat located in these areas generates higher risk for diabetes than the visible fat.

If an underweight person is not on the proper eating schedule this can affect the efficiency of the immune system. The immune system is the disease defense guard and protects foreign particles to pass through your body. Therefore, lean people are at a higher risk of getting sick, and they are at risk for serious ailments like cancer, etc. If you are lean, consult your doctor or a nutritionist for dietary supplements.
Underweight people feel tired all the time. Anemia can be the reason for the lack of energy and fatigue. Other symptoms of anemia include shorter paced breath, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, and headache. Anemia is a disease that occurs due to deficiency of red blood cells in the blood. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the organs, and when there is a deficiency of red blood cells, body organs do not get the adequate oxygen they need to energize the body. This causes anemia which indirectly results in the nutritional deficiencies of iron, and B-12. Therefore, underweight people should regularly check with their physicians about the healthy weight.

Being underweight is coupled with various reproductive problems in women. The menstrual cycle becomes irregular or sometimes stops when a woman is way too lean. However, it might not matter to a young woman, this irregularity can cause problems when a woman decides to conceive. Both conceiving and sustaining the pregnancy is hard for underweight women, as the uterine lining that supports fetus is affected due to the menstrual irregularities.

Men are equally affected reason being underweight as they are at a increased risk of persistent sexual dysfunction, for example, erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate or painful intercourse. There is a connection between a man's body weight and the health of his sperm.

It is okay to worry about your body fat, but it is crucial to have a healthy weight. in order to sustain the healthy body. One of the important function of fat is to produce estrogen. Though we correlate estrogen with women, both women and men require estrogen for healthy bones. Deficiency of estrogen can make the bones brittle which can lead to the risk for osteoporosis, regardless of your age. Therefore, a simple accident or fall can cause serious injury or even death.

According to a study, underweight patients who had undergone total knee replacement surgery were more prone to develop infections after the surgery than patients who were of normal weight. The reason beyond has not been determined yet but underweight people are not capable of healing wounds quickly when compared to individuals with normal weight. It was also found that the underweight patients had a low level of hemoglobin. Hence, being underweight can affect capacity to heal wounds.

If you are adults, you need to do a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity each day. You can run, cycle, walk, hit the gym or just opt for movements which makes you physically active. Achieving the optimum weight will lower the chance of chronic diseases, will keep you in perfect shape and promote better mental health.

Don’t focus too hard to look like 40 kg slim model. Change few things in your life to improve your health, it can be challenging but it is worthwhile. Make goals and work hard to achieve them. Set a goal to be healthy over being super skinny. It’s crucial to be happy than being if you are not skinny be healthy and happy.
Stay healthy and maintain your weight by eating food that is rich in nutrients, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, etc. Choose for a strict exercise schedule and add muscle weight to your body instead of fat.

At last Stay healthy, stay happy.

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Rashmi Adwani based in Mumbai has been writing for various healthcare units. She has been writing various blogs for the past two years on various social platforms. Her articles are mostly about the woman’s fashion awareness. Her interest in forming a strong perception around topics which need awareness is responsible beyond many exceptional articles. Right now she is working with GET NATTY to make people more fashion savvy.