Being True to Yourself in 2011
Lifestyle Coach Carol S. Batey

“Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves, but deal in our privacy with the last honesty and truth.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Play No Games

Have you ever been in a relationship (dating, marriage, or a friendship) and you felt that part of your soul was being chipped away with a knife? Have you noticed that patterns show up in other people that mirror your soul’s action? You can see them so clearly if you choose to. A friend shared with me a situation about the competition between her husband and mother. So childish!

Many times after the relationship progresses or ends, we find through meditation and prayer that we aren’t being true to our inner–core, our true self. Some have expressed how they have sold themselves to the Devil, if there indeed is one. Could it just be that we have been working from our lower self? Often I write, speak, and teach about the fact that we all wear masks and sometimes more than one or two. Don’t you agree? I know I have and still find myself pulling one off and leaving another one only to pick it up again. As the master religious teacher Emerson has said, “Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves.” My dears, play no games with your soul. Who are you fooling anyway?

Is Your Mask Too Heavy?

As we wear “those heavy masks” that we hide behind, we lose ourselves. We think we are that job, the car, the family hero (or shero), the pastor, teacher, clothing, the bank account, etc. How many of us really know who we are on this earth at this time? No matter your age – do you know who you are?
What is your worth? It’s not measured by your performance. Our worth is tied into God, not into what we do for a living, or how many organizations we are connected to. We are children of the Most High God. Find out who you are.

Lost but now Found

After my marriage and raising six children, I didn’t know who Carol Batey really was. I had to discover her without a husband. I was no longer a wife, but a single person, and with that knowledge I thought I had to find my way in this big world alone. Because of the way society views single adults, I thought I needed another person to help define who I was in this life; I tried dating before I was truly ready. Needing another person could not have been further from the truth. All I needed was to understand who I was in connection to Spirit: the Father and Mother God. I was seeking fulfillment through another person, place or thing, and it just wasn’t connecting to my soul and spirit. I ask do you know who you are?

Being True to You

You really can’t achieve wholeness unless you understand who you are in the image and likeness of Spirit. After you comprehend your image and likeness, then you know that the Father and Mother God have the abilities, talents, resources, prosperity, abundance, health and successes and that these things are also a part of you. You must claim your entitlement and walk into the truth of who you are. Destiny is calling your soul, my dears. Stop right now and listen to the voice within you.

Making Peace with Your Soul

You can make peace with your soul by loving it and forgiving it. When you can exercise the same with others, you find more joy on your path. Look in the mirror and see your soul’s needs. Say first to that image you see “I love you. I forgive you and I trust you. I am a child of the Most High God no matter what I have been through on my life’s journey. I accept me.”
We all come to earth with limitations to overcome on this journey – our runway. Folks are placed in our lives to assist us on the runway if we would only allow them to. We hide our talents and abilities from ourselves because we are afraid of our own shadows. Fear is insecurity, in the Holy Bible the book of 1 Corinthians 1:27 states: “God chooses weak and foolish things of the world to confound the wise.”
Sit in a posture of meditation. See yourself as a little child playing in the sand at the ocean. You are alone. Your mother and father are not with you; you are 5 years old and they don’t know where you are. You are scared; the waters are rising from the ocean, covering your head over and over again. You call out for help. No one is there to comfort your soul. The water is all over you – in your mouth, ears, and nose. You are covered. You try to speak but nothing comes out. It’s getting dark. Tears of fear are streaming from your eyes. You know you are dying.
Then the adult comes and reaches out for your hand and saves you from drowning. Now you are safe and cared for by the loving adult of your inner child. The child says “I love you and thanks for never leaving me. I thought I was alone, but you were there all the while.”

- Carol Batey Copyright 2010

Author's Bio: 

Carol Batey has drawn strength, gained wisdom, and experienced insights through her studies of teachings from the Bible, ancient manuscripts, sages, seers, and modern day visionaries. They have helped her transform her life and overcome the many obstacles she has been faced with on each step of her journey.
Carol shares her passions, personal revelations, insights, and victories along the road she traveled when she started recreating her life at age forty-nine. Upon the demise of her twenty-one year marriage and her sole career as a homemaker, she made the conscious choice to embrace and pursue the passions of her heart to become a professional model. Being a single parent of six children (five still living at home), overweight, no experience, in a depressive state, and almost fifty years old, it is a joy to follow Carol as she deliberately steps into her destiny with all odds against her. She has 3 books that can be purchased currently (Parents are Lifesavers, In Due Season: Destiny is Calling your Soul, Poised for the Runway of your Life), and her new book entitled "What's Cooking In Your Soul?"