September 23, 2009 -- I truly believe that leadership is a choice. No one is born a leader.

A leader is developed, a leader is groomed and most important of all, a leader is a student. Not just an academic student that is the easy part, no I mean a student of one of the most important things of all......... LIFE!!!

The greatest lie ever told is that we should go to school, get a good education, get a job and then you are all set.

What an unfortunate way to live by that principle concept alone. Getting done with school basically means you are just starting your true education, the education of life.

You see we need to grow and stretch and look to achieve each and everyday no matter what is going on and no matter what is happening around us. That is what true leaders do.

I can't imagine General Colin Powell, one of the greatest leaders of our generation, not being a student of life. To be a great leader you must be a student first. The day you become the teacher and are no longer the student, is the same day you cease to be a leader anymore.

Also, true leaders never ask someone to do something that they themselves are not willing to do. It is never to late to be a leader. All we need to do is one simple thing: make a choice. With that choice lies in your hand the option of unlimited possibilities.

Be positive, Be real and live your life In The Zone.

Author's Bio: 

Dave Murcaco is a certified life coach, motivator and radio talk show host who lives in Oneida. In 2004 he founded "In the Zone", a business dedicated to helping people reach their goals. His column runs every Wednesday in the Utica Daily News. To contact David, email him at or visit his website at!