Single moms who can cope and raise her children well are highly looked-up by society. They are well respected and praised by the public. How can they cope with the daily grind and come up victorious? A single mom suffers a hundred-fold stress than her married counterparts because she has to support and raise the children all by herself. She has to work and at the same time look after the children. Each child has his fears, pains and anxiety which the mom single-handedly tries to allay and cast out. Firstly, a single mom has to adjust and accept the reality that she will raise the child or the children all by herself.

For some, it is a choice like refusing a marriage proposal from what she sees as an unlikely spouse or father figure. Therefore, she rather like to live and raise the child alone. There are those that suffer the loss of a husband through illness, accident, divorce, break-up or abandonment. Its either he died or he left her for another woman or a well deserved cause. She therefore has to deal with the emotional havoc and compose herself for the sake of the children. A single mom has to be spiritually strong. She has to join a group which can give support and watch out for each other.

When one is spiritually strong and stable, her outlook is positive in life and she will feel that she can succeed. This group she can find in church or in her workplace. A single mom can also go to a gym or taebo class. Exercise can give a kind of high. So sweat that stress out of your system. It can also be good to maintain your desired weight. Stress can either make one gain or lose weight. But more often, people under stress gain weight because stress can trigger ones appetite. So it is best to have some kind of low or high impact exercise to keep one fit.

A spa or home service massage can also keep stress out. It is relaxing both to mind and body. A single mom should keep close to her family. Any problem can be lightened when one does not feel alone. The family can help with the rearing of the children. The grandparents or other relatives can teach the children their school lessons or good moral values. They are safe with the relatives than left alone in the house or with other people. They can provide the love and care that the missing father failed to give. Take a break. Even if you are alone, escape from the daily routine.

Watch a really humorous movie. The one which can really make you laugh and lighten your spirit. Go to a concert or an orchestra. Go on dates. A date can be good for the soul of the single mom. She will feel beautiful, important and cared for. But this can be a stressor if she is undecided whether she will take the suitors seriously or remain single for the sake of the children. Being a single mother might be stressful to most people but to some it is a blessing in disguise. To some it is best to raise the children alone than be with an irresponsible and emotionally disturbed husband who will further confuse the values of the children.

If this is the case, the good mom will be much more overworked raising a husband along with the children. Any problem as long as it is temporary or transitory in nature will pass as long as there is spiritual and emotional well-being on the part of sufferers. Time will solve this kind of problems. And one day the single mom wakes up and sees her brood all grown-up nicely.

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