This week my friend honored me by asking me to read the blessing at her upcoming wedding. I was so touched, tears immediately welled up in my eyes. Embarrassed, I held them back while exclaiming, “Oh no, I am crying!” So I was wondering why that was my first reaction? I love my friend so dearly, why would I be embarrassed to cry in front of her?

First about her: in my book of positive aspects, I have two pages on her -- her attributes are so many. There are many entries about her physical beauty (seriously, she is flawless!) There are many about her service to me (helped me get a job, hired me herself twice, supported me in both my adoptions.) There are her character traits that I so admire (volunteerism, committed to her own self-growth, dedication in her relationships) And her personality (funny, she’s got a great mind – so creative, she’s always thinking outside the box.) She really does have it all.

And now she is marrying the absolute dream man. Kind, considerate, smart, funny & hot. (hmmm just like her…)

And I guess I doubted my fabulousness for a minute. Although in my book of positive aspects, the page on me is even longer than the one on her, there are many items that she has that I do not. And it is a very human thing, I think, to look at another’s greatness and shrink in comparison. And it is WRONG! This kind of thinking comes from the mindset of competition. That if she has something that I don’t, that I am left wanting or lacking in some way. But the truth is -- good for me -- that she has it and I KNOW HER. And of course, I have things she does not because we are all in this together. How would that work out if we all had the exact same attributes? We sure wouldn’t need each other then.

So it’s back to humility. I am me and that’s all I can be. And it has to be OK with me. Right here, right now. I have all that I need to be me. The only comparison that makes sense is comparing me with the me I used to be. (And, wow, I have grown!) And besides, the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Therefore, she could not even be in my experience if we were not alike.

One of my favorite authors, Catherine Ponder, says that we should always be happy for the successes of others. If we can bless them, those same successes are on their way to us. The fact that we can witness another’s success means we are very close to our own.

So don’t listen to the voice that wants to tell you that you are not enough. You are always enough for whatever you are living. When you remember that fact, the clarity you need for your next right step always appears.

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Christina Watson is a dynamic prosperity life coach. She helps her clients discover their own path to prosperity. Christina believes that every person has the power to transform their world and is committed to partnering with them to assist in that process.