Here I am again, talking about beliefs, but they are such a key ingredient in how we are in the world, that it bears repeating – over and over again!

Our belief system is what creates the blueprint for our lives. We watch our parents and those around us as children and we decide what works for others. We then choose which beliefs will work for us and we adopt them as our own.

And off we go into the world, armed with everything we think we need to get along.

Eventually, we start to realize that things aren’t working out quite the way we expected them to. We attract experiences that we don’t like, we feel unhappy with our friends or partner, we feel unfulfilled in our career, we are looking for love, peace and joy. We just want to be happy!

And yet we never seem to know how to find that happiness. We look in the world, we buy things and enter into relationships with people, all with the belief that these are the things that will make us happy. And they do for a while but eventually it fades again and we are left looking for something else that will make us happy. We get into a bit of a loop, doing this over and over again.

One day we get fed up with the same old, same old and we decide that there has to be a better way. What is that better way? How can we find the happiness we desire and keep it!

The first thing is that in the moments when we do feel happy, that happy feeling is not coming from anything in the world around us. We are actually connecting to our own source of happiness inside. If we no longer feel happy after a time, it is because we have forgotten that connection in ourselves.

Whether we are feeling happy or unhappy, guilty, angry or afraid, we send out an energy to the world that matches these emotions and thoughts.

People can feel this energy, even if they aren’t conscious of it and will react to it in kind. This only ends up perpetuating the emotional energy and nothing changes in the world or in us.

Letting go of the beliefs that are creating negative feelings and thoughts can help us shift the energy that we project into the world. Feeling gratitude for all that we have in our lives can help to shift the feelings, thoughts and beliefs and allow us to create more loving energy within, which then is shared.

Allow yourself the privilege of feeling joy and love and sending joyful loving energy out to the world and watch the reflection of it coming back to you.

Author's Bio: 

Bettina Goodwin is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and facilitator who has experience working with children, teens and adults in a wide variety of personal, family and relationship issues. Her background and training of four years of personal growth work, training and certification followed by case studies give her the tools necessary to delve into the core issues that are causing concern for her clients.