Believe in your dreams was the encouragement all over Disney World. What a great message to share with the visitors enjoying a fun family vacation! It was a great addition to the excitement of witnessing how the world of fairytales unraveled right before our eyes. Funny thing, but I believe that I was more excited than my daughters. I will also say that, I was not the only adult that felt this way. Many of my friends back home confessed to visiting the place several times. In such a magical place the believing in your dreams message certainly seemed to fit in perfectly.

Walter Elias Disney (December 5, 1901–December 15, 1966) was the founder of Disneyland. He started with his first cartoon character Mickey Mouse and move on to creating many more. Later Disney World was created. In my opinion Mr. Walter was a person that we can truly call an exceptional leader. Not only was he gifted with a great imagination but he was able to materialize them in order to share them with the rest of us. While keeping in mind Mr. Disney’s visions, I can easily see why in Disney World so many of the fascinating characters encourage visitors to believe in their dreams.

Now, let’s talk about you, what are your dreams, visions, goals etc? What is holding you back? Could it be fear of failure, to appear foolish in front of others? To tell you the truth, I can not tell you what is holding you back exactly. Only you can figure that out but, whatever it is find a way to get past them. If you need some type of inspiration remember how Mr. Walter brought to life his spectacular ideas. So whatever your dreams maybe give it a try. That’s the first and most important thing you must do, Believe in yourself! I am sure that a lot of hard work is going to be involve in to accomplishing your goals but; believing in yourself is essential to get started and staying motivated when things do not turn out as expected. It’s simple if you do not believe in yourself; you probably will not even give your dreams a try.

Best Wishes!!

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