Believe in your success. Believe with all your heart and soul. That's Principle #2 in The NEW Think and Grow Rich—Faith! Because when you believe in your cause, in your mission, in the fact that you will be successful, why of course you have the confidence to move forward confidently.

Of course you put the energy and the drive into the things that you do that give you the multi-power you want and need. Believe in it. You create your future. Listen, you as an individual can control your destiny.

Nah, you can't control the gusts of a single day, nor can you control the economy at large, nor can you control whether the business that you're in has slowed down. I'm not saying you won't have setbacks, but you can control the direction you're going and the success you have by the passion with which you attack every task.

Hey, I guarantee it—not everybody's suffering. I know people in these terrible economic times who are doing very, very well. Let me give an example, a friend of mine. I've got a group of marketers that I'm associated with, and we are selling the solution to the recession.

By the way, it's not a big deal, but I just processed about $6,000 worth of orders here just a couple of minutes ago, as I dictate this article. Now, $6,000 is not going to save the world; however, that's just one process I'm working with.

We're not hurting. In fact, we're selling into the recession. I sold those orders by saying to a few assembled people, "Look, would you agree with me that we're in hard economic times? Would you agree with me that you've got to do something different? That you've got to be flexible, you can't swim upstream? Would you agree with me…?" And then, here is the solution.

My marketing friends are selling into the hard times. They're selling the recession. See, others are selling fear. My friends are selling solutions. Are there lots of people who are fearful and looking for solutions? Why, you bet there are! Why don't you sell a business opportunity that people in a recession, in a fear mode, would feel real good about receiving? Why don't you?

A friend of mine—and I can't mention his name, because I didn't ask him if I could, I didn't even think I was going to be telling the story…well, recently the city of Cleveland gave him—gave him, as in "They're yours"—200 houses.

Now folks, if cities are giving away houses like that, okay, admittedly it tells you there are problems.

By the way, don't ask me why a city would take houses away from individuals and throw them out on the street, and then give them to an investor. Don't ask me that insane question. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

Now, you know the economy's going to come back. You know good times are going to return. And this guy has 200 free and clear houses he can rent to people, and manage them for a song with no underlying debt!!

The depression doesn't matter to him. Matter?!! These are rocking good times to him!!

He can get someone in at what would be considered half-price rent, and he's making more than he would ever have made were he to have that house normally as an investor, making mortgage payments. Catch my drift?

I tell you, be positive. Being positive will give you the energy to go out and look for the deals, to go out and make the calls, to have the confidence, to have the drive. And to receive the working of the law of attraction

If you know you're doing something futile, well, where's the energy, where's the motion, where's the passion going to come from?

Think only of success—and if you think you need to shift during these times, shuck and jive, then do that. But think only of success and believe with all your heart that it's yours. Live according to the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and the consequent results that come about by the Law of Attraction, and you will be successful! Remember, you work the HoloCosm the same way you work yourself…

Even in this economy, when so many are thinking, "How can I survive?" You thrive!

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Ted Ciuba, "living legend" and bestselling author of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, is one of the world's top human potential trainers. He helps people find, define, and actualize their passions to transmute their intangible desires into real money. To find out more about Ciuba, how he can help you, and to collect $297 worth of free gifts, visit