I have patients come in complaining of belly pain every day of the week. Even if they are coming in for something else, their belly pain becomes a topic of discussion. Belly’s are fun and mysterious. There is a whole ‘nother universe in our guts. Think of it as a big tube. What is inside the tube is really the outside of us. Open your mouth, that is the beginning of our belly tube, see how it is just part of the outside? Lots of stuff gets into that tube. Intentional things like food and liquids and unintentional things like pesticides on fruit or creepy crawlies in unwashed lettuce or meat that should have been cooked longer. What is so fantastic about our bodies is that it can totally take care of this for us. We don’t have to itemize every molecule that enters our bodies, our bodies have the ability to do that without us consciously knowing about it. When we vomit does that mean we are sick? Absolutely not! That is our body working it’s wonder to expel something that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Bye, Bye creepy crawly.

Some of the inhabitants of our belly tube are beneficial bacteria. These are like police officers, we need enough of them around to maintain order. There are also opportunistic organisms like yeast spores which can cause havoc if there aren’t enough beneficial bacteria to keep them under control.

In this magical system is the tube itself , which is made out of a semi permeable membrane. That means there are cells lined up like soldiers, shoulder to shoulder, to keep anything that is not allowed inside the body, out; and allow nutrients and fluids in. Whatever is allowed through that intestinal wall enters the blood system. The blood system has its own patrolman in the form of white blood cells or macrophages. If something gets through the wall that shouldn’t have, you have your macrophages on hand to gobble them up and send a message to the brain that says, “whenever you detect this substance again coming into our electromagnetic field or into the body itself…react, react, react.” This can be in the form of an allergy or sensitivity.

There is plenty that can cause either an imbalance in the gut or inflammation in the intestinal lining. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), allergic foods, antibiotics, parasites, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, infection and injury, to name a few. To help remedy the damage that is caused I recommend probiotics, or good bacteria to help regain order. L-Glutamine, an amino acid helps heal the intestinal lining. Essential Fatty Acids, like fish oil capsules, help reduce inflammation. Digestive enzymes help in breaking down food particles to decrease the risk of developing food sensitivities. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents also help when necessary.

Don’t hesitate to consult with me if you have a case of the Belly Blues

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Dr Francis has been treating patients using Chiropractic Kinesiology for 17 years in the metro Detroit area. She believes that it’s important to know how different foods and different movements affect our bodies. Kinesiology is the study of muscles. By using muscle testing in her practice it allows her to identify which muscles are getting an adequate supply of nerve impulses. Dr Francis give talks on chiropractic and how to prevent heart disease and diabetes. "I enjoy what I do and am constantly rewarded with the miracle of seeing the body heal itself." You can find Dr. Francis at www.staceyfrancisdc.com