Spotting my belly in the mirror this morning made me rush to my computer and put 'foods that decrease your belly' into the search bar of my favorite search engine. Wow! Was I surprised by the information out there, so having read through article after article I found that although there was a lot of information out there, it was difficult to find just the right foods.

By delving deeper I finally found the following foods that are easy to prepare (some do not even need preparation) and real tasty to eat or drink.

Dairy products

WOW - some of my favorite foods can actually help me lose some of the belly fat I discovered via the mirror. This is a bonus as I really enjoy yogurt and milk (low fat of course) and research has shown that women consuming these low dairy products at least 4 times a day tend to lose the belly fat at a quicker rate than dieters who have gone on a low dairy-intake diet.

Dairy actually plays a pretty important roll in assisting the body in burning off the excess fat it has stored in the inappropriate places (belly, buttocks, hips and thighs), so not only will you burn off that bulge but you will also be taking in extra calcium for healthier bones.

Please watch that you do not overdo dairy and ensure that it is low or no fat wherever possible.


These wonderful little gems contain the vitamin that is needed for the breaking down of fat cells (vitamin 12) and are high in protein (more energy is needed to digest protein as opposed to fat). There are a lot of warnings around that say eggs are bad due to the cholesterol they contain. Recent studies have shown that it is not the eating of cholesterol that impacts on your blood but rather the eating of to much fat (as found in meat for example). Too lower the intake of cholesterol (if you are worried about this) when eating eggs, remove the egg yolk, you will still get a good amount of vitamin 12 and protein from the egg white (scrambled) by doing this and gain all the fat burning supplements you need.

Olive Oil

One of the good oils as it is rich in mono-unsaturated fat, this fat can provide amazing health benefits in that it helps in burning body fat and keeping your cholesterol down.


Not one of my favorite foods, but the health reward you get when you eat this makes it worth it. Oatmeal is loaded with soluble fiber, which in turn helps with removing bad digestive acids thus helping with the lowering of your cholesterol. Do not to add sugar, butter or different fruits to the oatmeal as it works best on its own, rather use a teaspoon of honey and low fat milk to enhance the flavor. A side benefit of oatmeal is its ability in helping prevent and fight colon cancer and heart disease.


Not to crazy about cooked fish but do love tuna and salmon sushi. These two examples are loaded with protein (more energy is needed to digest protein) and the goodness of the fatty acid called omega 3. Try to have some fish (definitely not fried) at least 3 times a week, it will give your immune system a boost and help with the break down of fat stores.


Rich in protein, fiber and iron, there are certain beans to eat and ones to avoid. The best for belly fat are white, kidney, lima or navy beans. While all beans are good for you there are some out there that will cause you to put on weight. Avoid any baked or re-fried beans, try eat the beans as close to their natural state (unrefined but cooked) as possible and remember to ensure they are cooked thoroughly to avoid any digestive problems.

Whole grain

These foods (bread, pasta etc) are pretty important in losing belly fat as they contain the fiber and minerals needed for the process of burning excess fat. Do not over eat these however as they can make your weight increase.

Now that I have found the foods that will help with my 'jelly belly' I am going to find the exercises (preferably the easy ones) that will help tone the area I am targeting. I will do a follow-up article about the exercises at a later date. In the meantime why not change your diet and try out some of these foods it will be fun to watch your tummy fat slowly fade away.

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