Some people prefer these ways :

1. Detox

You should start off cleansing your body. The "Complete Body Cleansing Program" is a superb solution and may be purchased at any local GNC Store. It is a two-day solution that you should follow just as directed, to ensure that this process to work properly. This will help decrease the fat from your stomach, waist and upper body.

2. Withdraw From

While taking the solution for that first two days, be sure to drink lots of water and lower your consumption of meat, sugar, soda and salt. The very best foods to eat in this time are fruits and nuts (unsalted). You can eat your regular meals, but I suggest only a smaller portion then normal and reduce the amount of bread as well.

3. Exercise

There isn't any difficult exercising in the process; however, you should acknowledge that walking can be a great asset at this time. Walking on a treadmill for 30 mins or more will help get rid of the belly fat. If you don't have use of a treadmill, travelling your neighborhood park or school track is better too. It might be better to wear a jersey or hoodie to help work up a sweat. Sweating may be the other main activity that will help reduce any body fat. Try sweating around you can, but done exaggerate it. Be cautious and drink lots of water!

4. Routine Activities

You need to follow this routine for two to three weeks, drinking lots of water, lowering your intake of salt, sugar, bread and meat, and walk about the treadmill or around town or school track. I only recommend that you purchase one "Complete Body Cleansing Solution". If for any reason you feel that you need to purchase another box of the solution, be careful and wait a minimum of 8 weeks before taking a lot of solution.

5. Meals

Meals throughout the process :
* Breakfast : Fruits or Special K cereals (for men too)
* Lunch : Fruit salads or Yogurt
* Dinner : Regular meals just smaller portions (nothing fried)

For some reason, it seems rather difficult for most people to perform, but you do not worry because there are more creative methods to do it.

So many people are telling one anothers the best way to lose belly fat is either to have surgery or exercise majority of their leisure time away. Well, I am here to verify that statement is not true. Men, women, and even children can lose belly fat simply by cleansing their bodies. You may also see results in two to three weeks, with respect to the times you stick to the routine.

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I am not a licensed physician, only an individual that has done this same procedure and also got results. I did not starve myself just stayed away from friend foods, salt, soda and sugar. I'm only sharing this excellent accomplishment with everyone.

Let me first offer you some important Weight Loss Statistics.

* 64% of people in the US are overweight
* 27% of Americans are classified as obese
* Obesity makes up about 325,000 deaths each year

Top 5 Causes of Belly Fat:

* Stress work, finances, family, weight Muscle Tone
* insufficient abdominal muscle exercise Actual Fat
* overall fat cell content of bodyWater
* retaining water in bodyGenetics
* genes inherited from parents

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