As every coin has two sides, heads and tails, similarly every service has its own advantages and disadvantages. Interestingly, nanny services are not an exception to it. Because, there are all types of families across the world, some with huge number of family members, some with limited members and some with only two parents and kids. Going, through this concern of families there are generally two types of nanny services, namely Live in Nannies and live out nannies.

As the name suggests, a live in nanny is one who lives in the house throughout the day and a live out nanny provides her services only for specified hours of the day. But, what type of nanny is suitable for some family is important to understand before hiring their services, because the services offered by both these types of nannies have their own advantages and disadvantages for both the parents and nannies.

Let us now focus on the advantages enjoyed by the parents hiring the service of live in nannies:

The most important advantage of a live in nanny for the parents is that she can look after the two – three children in a family at the same time. Moving ahead, the parents need not have to get concerned about reaching the home on time, as the nanny will be there to take care of a child even if they are late. Moreover, as a nanny lives with a child throughout the day, the child also starts getting involved with her like a family member, this helps in developing an emotional relationship between both of them.

As the child lives under the supervision of a nanny, she also takes care of additional needs like looking after his meals, washing his clothes etc.

The nanny can drop and receive the child from his school, in case if he is a school going child.

The worth mentioning benefit of hiring a live in nanny is that apart from going to office the parents can also go out at other places where it is not possible to go with the children or where going with the children might distract their attention.

Benefits to live in nannies from their prospects:

As they need not have to pay any amount for living in a rented house, if she is living as paying guest, she has an opportunity of saving substantial money for her future and family.

They need not have to make use of any transport facility for going out, as she can go anywhere in the vehicle provided by the family hiring her services.

As they stay with family in the same house, they are allowed or provided all types of amenities that are enjoyed by all the members of family.

After finishing their work, they have the facility of relaxing in the room provided to them, according to their convenience.

Disadvantages of Live in Nanny from parents prospects:

When a family hires the services of a live in nanny, they have to provide her all the facilities that are enjoyed by the other members of family. As the result of this the family members have to sometimes compromise with their personal needs.

Although, live in nanny takes care of the child throughout the day, but this adversely results in increasing the monthly expenses of the family on other amenities like electricity bills, grocery bills, transportation bills etc.

The privacy of family is always at an edge, and parents have to be more conscious in retaining their privacy.

Disadvantages to live in nannies from their point of view:

They cannot leave a child for a moment until unless his parents are not back to home. That means in case of any emergency they have to wait for their arrival.

Although they are allotted a separate room to live, but still they are not free to use it according to their facility they have to follow the instructions of the family.

As they live at home, they have to sometime work late night, which is beyond their work timings.

It is seen that there are lots of parents who consider nannies as their paid servant and do not respect them accordingly. As an impact of this the children also follow the same practice and start insulting them in front of others, which is painful to bear.

From the above discussion it is clear that before hiring the services of a Nanny Agencies it is better to think on all the aspect thoroughly and then hire their services.

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