You use hair extensions to make your locks appear longer or to add more volume and now you can do the same with your eyelashes. Lash extensions are a growing trend nowadays; they give your eyes a dose of sensuality when done properly. Basically, they are individual eyelashes made of a synthetic fiber that a professional glues one by one on top of your each lash. All beauty bloggers on Instagram and YouTube are sporting lash extensions as well as increasing number of “regular” girls who want to have longer, thicker eyelashes. If you consider getting these extensions, you should weigh both benefits and risks before making a decision.

1. More volume
One of the most obvious benefits of lash extensions is more volume and that is also the most common reason why girls and women decide to get them. No surprise here, when we are applying makeup, we pay special attention to our eyes, especially eyelashes. That is why cosmetic brands constantly work to revolutionize the mascara game, offering the opportunity to get more volume and length of eyelashes with a special formula and a new brush style.
Then, fake eyelashes came along to help women from different parts of the world enhance the volume and size of their lashes. It was only the matter of time when someone will invent extensions to natural eyelashes. The extensions add volume to the lashes and you can opt for different styles such as natural look or dramatic lashes. Regardless of the style, you’ll get more volume instantly.

2. Time saver
A major benefit of eyelash extensions is time-saving. How? As mentioned above, mascara is an inevitable part of your makeup routine to make the lashes appear longer and fuller and eyes appear bigger. Lash extensions allow you to eliminate mascara from your routine and get ready faster than you used to.
The extensions are attached to the existing eyelashes, meaning you don’t really need to lengthen or darken them with mascara. Since the extensions are already curled, you do not have to struggle with an eyelash curler. Also, lash extensions add volume (as mentioned above) but some mascaras don’t even though their manufacturers claim they will for sure.
It is not uncommon for women with lash extensions to not wear any makeup whatsoever and prefer to let their gorgeous eyelashes stand on their own. For example, the dramatic extensions are thick enough to eliminate the struggle that comes with applying eyeliner as well. Others love to pair their extensions with makeup to get an even sexier look.
Let’s not forget that extensions also mean you don’t have to deal with clumps or flakes which usually tend to slow down your makeup routine. With lash extensions, you can get ready in the morning fast and avoid the stress that comes when you hurry to work.

3. No awkwardness related to fake eyelashes
While fake eyelashes may seem like a good idea, they aren’t overly practical. First of all, it takes ages to put them on properly. If you want your fake lashes to look like real ones, it requires some time. Also, it is needless to mention that they tend to slip, which can be quite awkward particularly if you’re among a larger group of people. You don’t want them to see your fake lashes slipping, meaning you have to go to the restroom and apply them properly. This is way too much hassle, right? Lash extensions allow you to avoid this struggle easily; no slipping, no awkward applying, no hassle.

4. Water resistant
Lash extensions only add to the length of your own eyelashes; which is why they make your look more natural. Unlike fake eyelashes which can slip when wet, the extensions are water resistant. This means you can freely swim, wash your face, do whatever you want without having to worry whether your lashes will come off.

5. You’ll look younger
Fine lines and wrinkles appear around your eyes before they do on other parts of your face, which is why our anti-aging efforts are usually directed to minimizing signs of aging in this particular area. Besides anti-aging and skin brightening creams like Vibrant C and other top products on the market, there are other ways to look more youthful including lash extensions. Nothing opens up your eyes like long and thick eyelashes. The extensions can act like an instant eye lift and make you appear younger instantly. The attention will be drawn to your gorgeous lashes, not the skin around eyes.

Risks and side effects
As you can see, lash extensions provide multiple benefits, but they are also associated with some shortcomings and side effects. In order to determine whether you should go for them or not, you also have to be aware of negative sides of these extensions. They are:
• Loss of natural eyelashes
• Eye sensitivity
• Eye injury
• Infection
• Allergic reactions
• Eyelid swelling

Lash extensions are a major trend nowadays due to their amazing ability to increase volume and length of natural eyelashes. The extensions are practical, water-resistant, and they don’t even require mascara or other makeup products, thus allowing you to get ready faster than before. Although they have various benefits, the extensions have some negative sides too including infections, allergic reactions, swelling, just to name a few. Before you opt for extensions, consider both risks and benefits in order to make the right choice.

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