Legal office staff, including paralegals and others very often find themselves at an impasse with voluminous medical records to organize and manage. The difficulty mainly stems from the fact that these professionals may not be trained in medical record review. Time is a crucial factor in both the medical and legal scenarios, and any means of saving valuable time should be welcome to entities in these fields. It is an accepted fact that medical record review is a complex and time-intensive process. So, if you are looking to capitalize on time and costs, your best option is outsourcing the medical review process to a reliable medical review service provider. A trustworthy medical record review company is a valuable asset to medical-legal entities.

A Range of Tangible Benefits with Reliable Medical Review Services

  • All aspects of the review process – medical record organization and indexing; medical case chronology; and medical case history and summary --- are flawlessly taken care of. You benefit from a crystal clear awareness of the case that will facilitate speedy decision making.
  • Structured and reliable reviews.
  • Dedicated workforce: You gain access to a dedicated team of medical reviewers that are focused on providing accurate medical record review.
  • Customized medical review services in tune with your requirements. All your medical record review requirements, including independent medical reviews will be efficiently met.
  • Customized turnaround time.
  • Service round the clock. This ensures that you can receive assistance any time you want.
  • Competitive pricing with valuable cost savings up to 30 – 40%.
  • State-of-the-art quality assurance measures with the help of professional QA staff.
  • HIPAA compliance to safeguard the confidentiality of patient data.
  • Secure file transfer options to ensure that there is no data leak whatsoever.
  • Optimize your internal resources: When the medical review process is taken care of, you can concentrate on tasks that need your personal attention.

Identify the Right Provider

Insurance companies, private corporations, medical-legal entities and others looking for dependable medical review services have to identify the right provider to enjoy all the above listed benefits. For this, a serious search has to be made online. Visit the websites of various medical review companies and consider what they have to offer. Compare their profiles, services and terms of service to shortlist a few. A reputable medical record review company with a long track record in the industry will usually offer a free trial to help clients evaluate its medical review service. This is a practical way of appraising your service provider before signing up for the service.

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