Every master of a weed has a huge collection of glass bongs to swank his love for them, and we totally second that. Lately, plastic bongs have created a hustle in the market as a non-safe and unreliable bong option that’s just easy to carry around, and we don’t doubt this a little. Talking about a holistic approach, plastic bongs are not worth it. Bongs Australia is worth considering.

On the contrary, glass bongs have penetrated the market like no other bong for their feasibility in use, smoother smoke flow, and adjustable attachments. Although heavy and fragile in terms of construction, glass bongs deliver the best weed hits. They have the design that best cools and filters the smoke and don’t put health in question.

In this article, we have jotted down 10 benefits of a glass bong, so you decide for yourself if it is worth your money or not –


One of the major benefits that a glass bong offers is that it makes the weed smoke smoother and more comfortable to inhale. They are best if you are trying to find a balance between your inhale and exhales because they tend to decrease the smoke intensity by filtering it out. This makes the smoke manageable and keeps you out of cough troubles.


Glass bongs offer this one distinct benefit that no other traditional bong provides. Percolators add an additional filtration for the smoke. These work to enhance the user experience by cooling down the hot smoke making it painless to inhale, considering hot throat issues.

All functions the same, but their efficiency may vary because of their unique models. Different shapes and forms of glass bongs come with different percolators; some have inline percolators while others have spiral percolators. But all of them give glass bongs that extra edge that no other bong has to offer.


Glass bongs are easy to clean. You can use rubbing alcohol and some Epsom salt to release those hard stains and muck out of your favorite bongs. It’s that easy. You will get a squeaky clean bong after every single wash.


Glass Bongs are environment friendly. They can be easily shredded to pieces and re-made into something more majestic. So, they do not strain your very own planet Earth.


Plastic Bongs offer a quick solution to your weed needs but have you wondered what melted and heated plastic could do to your health in the long term? Plastic, when heats up, creates fumes and releases gases that when propagate to your lungs cause major lung and respiratory issues.

The plastic, associated dioxins, phthalates, and other metals can leach into your bong water and cause you health troubles. Cut some slack and buy a glass bong. It’s a one-time investment that won’t disappoint you ever.


Glass bongs are expensive. There’s no doubt about it. But the durability and resistance to corrosion that they offer is worth the price. Although glass requires a safer approach; you cannot keep them lying around, the material is scratch-free, in-fashion, and doesn’t perish with time.

This durability is questionable when it comes to plastic bongs. Not only are they a harmful option for smoking a bong, but they must be thrown away after a few uses. These don’t have that strength and tenacity to go a long way.


There is a high chance that you have come up with a bong idea that you think will work for you in a glass bong; you can always run to your nearest bong shop and get it customized. The pipe’s size, the bowl-piece, and stem lengths; you cannot go wrong with a little creativity of your own here.

Not only this, but you can improvise your experience as well. Get some ice cubes and transform a hot bong into a cold icy smoke bearer. You can adapt the bowl piece size according to the amount of weed that you smoke. Based on what you like, you can opt for a removable ash catcher and soot blocker options.


Available plastic bottles in the market are of the same shape and almost the same size. The 500 ml Gatorade bottles are not an efficient substitute to glass bong that comes in all the fantastic shapes and sizes. These bongs have well-thought designs and are ready to elevate the bong experience with innovations and models that best suits your temperament.


A benefit that is thrilling on its own is that glass doesn’t get hot when exposed to the heat of the lighter and weed smoke. This is credited to their high heat tolerating capacity.

Conversely, plastic bongs can easily heat up and can cause trouble keeping up with high temperatures after awhile. It is one of the major reasons you waste your regular plastic bongs. Step up your bong game and buy a glass bong that’s an all-in-one solution to your weed cravings.


Glass bongs are made of high-grade glass material that is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and an untainted glass bong can never go wrong with your marble countertop. Plastic Bongs, on the other hand, look crude and inferior.


The precaution that you need to take if you have a glass bongs

  • They can break from an accidental blow. Consider keeping glass bongs away from everyone’s reach.
  • Glass bongs are bulky, and you need to handle them gently.
  • Consider washing and drying the pipe, stem, and bowl piece all at once, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Also, pull out the down-stem with caution; if broken, cannot reach the water level and will mess up things for you.


A glass bong is a safe and worthy investment in the bong industry. It’s durable and a reliable option for a bong. Popular opinion is that a glass bong covers all of a weed lover's needs, and we are up for that chat. Because there is nothing that a glass bong cannot do. Buy yourself a classy glass bong that’s the epitome of grace and solves all your bong concerns.

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