A tablet computer or a tablet personal computer is a transportable computer that is designed with a touch screen as the primary input device and is designed to be operated by individuals. In contrast to desktop and laptop computers, tablets aren't equipped with a keyboard, but use a virtual onscreen substitute. Wireless adaptor is also present on tablets package, and this can be use for local network and web connection. Just like desktop and laptops, tablets also have common software program applications installed in it, like web browser, office suites, games and other apps. There are lots of advantages of having a tablet PCs as opposed to a conventional laptop or a desktop PCs. These advantages include the following.

1. Tablet PCs are light-weight and are the size of paper tablets. Due to its little size and very lightweight you are able to simply carry this tablet wherever you want to go, without complaining in regards of its weight.

2. It might not be possible to hold your laptop in one hand and type with the other hand. But, with a tablet PCs, you can simply balance your personal PCs on one hand and use the other hand to operate it. You are able to even use your tablet while standing up or in a confined space. Tablets Computers come with lengthy battery life and also consist of wireless internet support.

3. Because of the convertible design of tablets, you can use it while sitting across the table from an additional person. Another unique benefit of tablets to laptops and desktop is, you can use this device in taking notes conveniently due to its touch screen features.

4. Because the handwriting of the user becomes the input, you are able to extremely easily personalize messages to a friend or a family member. Your buddies and families do not even need a tablet PCs to receive your personalized message since you are able to send them messages through messenger or Microsoft office outlook.

5. Tablets make it truly easy and handy to take down notes whether or not you're in a company meeting or in class. Since tablet Computers are electronic, notes could be easily reorganized and looked for later on.

6. There are many various software applications available which can assist users within particular roles and businesses.

7. Tablet Computers also have flat surface that adds a much better presentation and this also has flat rubber back that stabilize it when you put it down to smooth surface.

Searching with these advantages, we now know how more convenient tablet PCs is than using laptops to perform our job. Tablets are functional and portable and these functions make them a useful tool for professionals also as students.

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