Elliptical machines have become a popular choice for cardio workouts due to their many benefits.These machines continue to gain in popularity and may even more popular than the treadmill someday!

Elliptical trainers offer a varying amount of workouts to assist you with burning a smaller to larger amount of calories.

Elliptical machines are weight-bearing exercises that develop greater bone density and prevent health conditions like osteoporosis.

Because most elliptical trainers incorporate upper body arms, elliptical workouts tend to involve the whole body and give you an overall better workout - meaning you burn more calories in less time. That's always a benefit.

Calories burned depend on a person's weight, amount of time spent on the machine and the intensity of the workout. Some elliptical trainers have a power ramp to increase the incline or several resistance levels; all of these features affect the amount of calories you burn

Elliptical machines have moving handlebars for participants to get an upper body workout at the same time as a lower body workout.With automatic features such as incline and resistance adjustments, you can increase the intensity of the workout and burn more calories.

Another benefit provided by many of the mid and upper end machines is that they include an advanced control panel and display. This allows you many things. You can monitor your progress because these displays are replete with readouts for just about any parameter under the sun. Depending on the trainer, you can get a readout for total calories burned, instant calories burned, speed, incline and upcoming terrain.

All of these benefits can provide a more challenging workout.

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