An effective computer network is as important for today's style of businesses as a sharp sales and marketing force and a detail oriented group of administrators keeping transactions in order. Without effective system management programs, your company may not only be losing money to hackers and other online crooks. You may even be leaving a fortune on the table due to lost sales and potential side revenue generators.

Naturally, many computer consulting companies would tell you about how important it is to both properly build and reasonably maintain your network for the purposes of identity and proprietary information maintenance. There are a lot of hackers in the world, and most of them would not care in the least about taking every employee's Social Security number and all of your company's bank account numbers, not to mention the information about your latest product launches. This is vitally important, as these can sink your business. Consider the impact on morale it could have if your human resources server is hacked. With your employees suddenly thrown on the defensive and trying to save their credit, your business could be in serious trouble. However, a well set up network can do far more than merely prevent losses.

-A lot of sales potential exists online, as well as rapidly funneling potential leads into solid prospects and easing them down your sales funnel

-When your computer network is well maintained, precious proprietary information stays safe and easily accessible for those who need it

As a solid network company could easily tell you, effective server maintenance does more than simply prevent a large number of losses due to easy hacking. While keeping your network in good repair and affecting computer repair when necessary does keep most losses well contained, it also serves the function of potentially adding massive amounts of revenue to your top line. You might consider how many companies have added revenue streams through making online sales beyond the gimmick of "having a website."

When your customers can come to your website and trust your company, they will most likely buy from you if every other factor is equal. Do your customers trust you with their information? Can they be sure that the next major cyber-attack they will hear about on the news will not impact them because they supplied you with bank account or credit card numbers? Can they trust that their information will be used responsibly, and not merely held up for easy theft by an employee in a coffee shop having a moment of inattention?

The second thing a customer needs to trust you with is that their desires will be heard through your online forms. There is a serious danger in appearing too "corporate" in your website design. While this presents a formal image that lends itself to credibility, there is the danger that through appearing too distant you will lose touch with your customers. Consider whether you would want to talk to an entity that seems uninterested in listening.

While your network may not seem connected to your customer perceptions of you, consider how much information travels through your network every day. Is all of it reaching the right people, or are important comments and questions lost in the digital void on a regular basis? Every time a question or comment is sent to someone by way of your computer network, it needs to reach the right person as quickly and easily as possible. Every lost hour between a question asked and its answer is the potential for a lost customer due to a perception of indifference. Every comment that no one reads and that does not contribute to an understanding of overarching trends also poses the risk that your company may miss the chance to offer more value, and thus rake in more profits.
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