What is business coaching?

Business coaching helps businesses make improvements and bring about necessary changes in order to not only perform better, but to also perform at a much higher level and to continually keep growing and expanding. Business coaching helps businesses improve and grow on multiple levels. For instance, business coaching enable business owners to improve on a personal level by helping them improve the way they run their business. On the other hand, business coaching helps businesses generate more revenue and earn more profits by getting the most out of the resources available to them.

Contrary to popular belief, business coaching is not only meant to be used by businesses that are performing badly. True, business coaching can be a lifesaver for most business that are not performing well, but the fact remains that business coaching is equally beneficial for successful businesses that are performing well. That’s because business coaching enables such businesses to build on their success and move to an even higher level.

A recent study by the International Coach Federation (ICF) identified the major professional and business development areas in which business coaching plays a vital role. Six of the top professional and business development areas identified in the study were:

Productivity and effectiveness
 Business planning
 Sales and marketing
 Business management
 Future business positioning
 Leadership

Productivity and Effectiveness

A business coach helps business owners in the development and effective implementation of strategies aimed at increasing productivity through the most effective utilization of the available resources. Business coaching also enables business owners to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the various business processes used by their organisations. Furthermore, business coaching also helps in the identification of appropriate tools to be used within the business to increase productivity and effectiveness.

Business Planning

Business coaching enables business owners in turning business planning into a powerful asset for driving and expanding their business. A business coach not only guides business owners as to how to start the whole business planning process and what variables they need to consider and include, but also helps them in the development of techniques to ensure the long-term success of their business.

Sales and Marketing

A business coach enables businesses to boost their sales and maximize their profits by helping them improve areas like lead generation, lead capture, lead follow-up, sales conversions, repeat sales, referral sales, etc. Business coaching can not only help business owners in the development and implementation of effective marketing strategies, but it can also help in simplifying the marketing activities of a business in order to achieve better results.

Business Management

A business coach helps business owners design systems and processes that best suit the needs of their business.Effective and consistent business systems and processes ensure predictable results. Business coaching also enables business owners to converge systems and strategies for successful business development. A business coach can also help business owners to adopt sound business practices for their businesses. These practices manage their and their staffs’ efforts to get the best results. Last but not the least, a business coach can also help businesses in the adoption of sound financial management practices.

Business Positioning

Business coaching can be very helpful for business owners when it comes to effectively positioning their business in the market. Business positioning is how customers see a particular business. Thus, where it sits in the market, whether it is positioned at the lower end, middle or high end of the market is crucial for its survival as well as its success.


Business coaching can also be very helpful when it comes to leadership development. A business coach can help in developing and thus elevating the abilities and capabilities of executives working in a business organization to a significant level of execution and performance for today’s business environment. This helps in delivering a crucial shift in the thinking of the management, which ultimately drives bottom-line results for said organization.

Moreover, Business coaching not only helps business owners align their talent strategy with their organisational future, but it also addresses issues that are critical in Executive Development. These issues include but are not limited to strategies that aid in building and maintaining a strong leadership pipeline and high talent bench, ways of discovering and retaining best talent in the organisation, strategies aimed at increasing the equity in the current executive development pool, and ways of helping executives working at key positions manage their leadership presence in a somewhat proactive manner.

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Business coaching is a strategy that you may want to adopt and the results are very promising. Business coaching important if you wish that your business is open to entering new endeavours